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Field Listing :: Military and security service personnel strengths

This entry provides estimates of military and security services personnel strengths. In some cases where assessments vary, ranges are provided. Unless otherwise noted, military estimates focus on the major services (army, navy, air force, and where applicable, gendarmeries) and do not account for activated reservists or delineate military service members assigned to joint staffs or defense ministries.

By Country Listing of the values for the Military and security service personnel strengths field
Country Military and security service personnel strengths
the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have approximately 170-180,000 active personnel (164-174,000 Army; 7,000 Air); est. 91,000 Afghan National Police (2019 est.)
the Albanian military has approximately 11,800 total active duty personnel (9,200 Army; 1,900 Navy; 700 Air Force) (2019 est.)
the Algerian Peoples National Army (ANP) has approximately 130,000 total active personnel (110,000 Army; 6,000 Navy; 14,000 Air Force); Ministry of National Defense: 20-60,000 Gendarmerie; 1,000 Republican Guard; 94,000 Municipal Guard; Ministry of Interior: 16,000 General Directorate of National Security (2019 est.)
the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) are comprised of approximately 107,000 active troops (100,000 Army; 1,000 Navy; 6-7,000 Air Force); est. 10,000 Rapid Reaction Police (2019 est.)
Antigua and Barbuda
the Antigua and Barbuda Defense Force (ABDF) has approximately 200 active personnel (2019 est.)
Argentina's armed forces have approximately 75,000 (42-48,000 Army; 16-18,000 Navy; 13,000 Air Force); approximately 18,000 Gendarmerie; 13,000 Prefectura Naval (2019 est.)
the Armenian Armed Forces have approximately 45,000 active troops (42,000 Army; 3,000 Air Force/Air Defense); 'Nagorno-Karabakh Republic': est. 20,000 Nagorno-Karabakh Defense Army (2019 est.)
the Australian Defense Force has approximately 60,000 total active troops (30,800 Army; 14,700 Navy; 14,300 Air Force) (2019 est.)
the Austrian Armed Forces have approximately 21,000 total active duty personnel: 11,500 Land Forces; 2,700 Air Force; 7,000 other) (2019 est.)
the Azerbaijan military has approximately 67,000 total active personnel; 55-57,000 Army; 2,200-3,000 Navy; 8-8,500 Air Force); est. 15-30,000 Ministry of Internal Affairs troops (Border Guard, Coast Guard, Internal Troops) (2019 est.)
Bahamas, The
the Royal Bahamas Defense Force (RBDF) has approximately 1,300 total personnel (2019 est.)
size assessments for the Bahrain Defense Force vary; approximately 8,000-11,000 active personnel (6-8,500 Army; 700-1,000 Navy; 1,500 Air Force); 2,000-3,800 National Guard (2019 est.)
estimates of the size of the Bangladesh Defense Force vary; approximately 161-171,000 total active personnel (132-140,000 Army; 15-17,000 Navy; 14,000 Air Force); 38,000 Border Guards (2019 est.)
the Royal Barbados Defense Force (RBDF) has approximately 600 active personnel (400-500 Barbados Regiment; 100-150 Coast Guard) (2019 est.)
the Belarus Armed Forces have approximately 45,000 active troops (29,000 Army, including Special Operations Force; 16,000 Air and Air Defense); 12,000 State Border Troops; 11,000 Internal Troops; 87,000 Militia (2019 est.)
the Belgian Armed Forces have approximately 27,000 active duty personnel (10-12,000 Army; 1,500 Navy; 4,000-5,500 Air Force; 1,500 Medical Service; 8,500-9,500 other, including joint staff, support, and training schools) (2019 est.)
the Belize Defense Force (BDF) has approximately 1,100-1,500 active Army personnel; 150 Belize Coast Guard (2019 est.)
the Benin Armed Forces (FAB) are comprised of approximately 7,200 active duty troops (6,500 Army; 500 Navy; 250 Air Force); est. 5,000 Republican Police (2019 est.)
the Royal Bhutan Army has approximately 8,000 personnel (2019 est.)
size assessments for the Bolivian Armed Forces vary; approximately 34-44,000 total active troops (23-29,000 Army; 4,800-6,300 Navy; 6,500-8,500 Air Force); est. 37,000 National Police (2019 est.)
Bosnia and Herzegovina
size estimates for the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina range from 5,500 to 10,500 active duty personnel (2019 est.)
the Botswana Defense Force (BDF) has approximately 9,000 active personnel (8,500 Ground; 500 Air) (2019 est.)
size assessments for the Brazilian Armed Forces vary; approximately 335-360,000 active personnel (200-220,000 Army; 69,000 Navy; 67-70,000 Air Force); approximately 395,000 Public Security Forces (2019 est.)
the Royal Brunei Armed Forces is comprised of approximately 6-7,000 total active troops (3,900-4,900 Army; 1,200 Navy; 1,100 Air Force) (2019 est.)
the Bulgarian Armed Forces have approximately 31,000 active duty personnel (15-16,000 Army; 3,500 Navy; 6,500 Air Force; 6,000 Joint Service/Central Staff) (2019 est.)
Burkina Faso
the Armed Forces of Burkina Faso (FABF) have approximately 11-13,500 personnel (6,400-8,500 Army; 600 Air Force; 4,200-4,500 National Gendarmerie); est. 500 National Fire Brigade (2019 est.)
estimates of the Burmese Defense Service (Tatmadaw) vary widely, ranging from approximately 350,000 to over 400,000 total active troops (est. 300-375,000 Army; 15-22,000 Navy; 15-23,000 Air Force); est. 35,000 People's Militia (2019 est.)
the National Defense Forces (FDN) have approximately 20-30,000 active duty Army troops (includes small air and maritime wings) (2019 est.)
Cabo Verde
the Cabo Verdean Armed Forces (FACV) consist of approximately 1,100 Army (aka National Guard; includes an air component of 100 personnel) and 100 Coast Guard active duty troops (2019 est.)
assessments of the size of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces vary; approximately 90-120,000 total active troops (75-110,000 Army; 3,000 Navy; 500-1,500 Air Force; 10,000 Gendarmerie); 55,000 National Police (2019 est.)
size assessments for the Cameroon Armed Forces (FAC) vary widely; approximately 25-44,000 active duty troops; (13,500-24,000 Army, including the Presidential Guard; 1,500-3,000 Navy; 500-2,000 Air Force; 9-15,000 Gendarmerie) (2019 est.)
the Canadian Armed (CAF) Forces have approximately 66,000 total active personnel (23,000 Army; 8,300 Navy; 12,000 Air Force; 23,000 other uniformed personnel); 4,500 Coast Guard (2019 est.)
Central African Republic
the Central African Armed Forces (FACA) have an estimated 7,000 Army troops (including an Air Service component of about 150) and 1-2,000 Gendarmerie (2019 est.)
the Chadian National Army (ANT) has approximately 30,000 personnel (25,000 Ground Forces; 300 Air Force; 4-5,000 General Direction of the Security Services of State Institutions); 4,500-5,000 National Gendarmerie; 3,000-4,000 National Nomadic Guard of Chad (2019 est.)
the Armed Forces of Chile have approximately 80,000 active personnel (43-46,000 Army; 20-23,000 Navy; 11-15,000 Air Force); approximately 44,000 Carabineros (2019 est.)
assessments of the size of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) vary; approximately 2 million total active duty troops (est. 1.1-1.2 million Ground; 235,000 Navy/Marines; 350-400,000 Air Force; 100,000 Rocket Forces; 175,000 Strategic Support Forces); 600-660,000 People's Armed Police (2019 est.)
size estimates for the Military Forces of Colombia (FMC) vary; approximately 280-310,000 total active troops (223-246,000 Army; 34-56,000 Navy; 14,000 Air); approximately 188,000 National Police (2019 est.)
Congo, Democratic Republic of the
estimates of the size of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) vary widely, ranging from approximately 80,000 to 130,000 active troops (63-103,000 Land Forces; 7,000 Navy; 2-2,500 Air Force; 8-15,000 Republican Guard) (2019 est.)
Congo, Republic of the
the Congolese Armed Forces (FAC) have an estimated 12,000 active duty troops (8,000 Army; 800 Navy; 1-1,200 Air Force; 2,000 Gendarmerie) (2019 est.)
Costa Rica
the Public Forces of Costa Rica have approximately 10-15,000 personnel (2019 est.)
Cote d'Ivoire
the Armed Forces of Cote d'Ivoire (FACI) have an estimated 25,000 active troops (22-23,000 Army; 1,000-1,400 Navy; 700-1,400 Air Force) (2019 est.)
the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia have approximately 15-16,000 active duty personnel (8-10,500 Army; 1,400 Navy; 1,400 Air force; 1,800-2,500 other) (2019 est.)
the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) of Cuba have approximately 50,000 active personnel (38-40K Army; 3,000 Navy; 8,000 Air Force); est. 70,000 Youth Labor Army; est. 1 million Territorial Militia Troops; est. 50,000 Civil Defense Forces; est. 6,500 Border Guards; est. 20,000 State Security personnel (2019 est.)
the Cypriot National Guard has approximately 13-15,000 total active duty personnel (2019 est.)

the Czech military has approximately 29,000 active personnel (25,000 Army; 4,000 Air Force)

(2019 est.)
the Danish military has approximately 17,000 active duty personnel (10,500 Army; 3,200 Navy; 3,200 Air Force) (2019 est.)
the Djibouti Armed Forces (FAD) have approximately 10,500 active troops (8,000 Army; 250 Naval; 250 Air; 2,000 Gendarmerie); 150 Coast Guard (2019 est.)
Dominican Republic
the Armed Forces of the Dominican Republic have approximately 56-66,000 active personnel (29-35,000 Army; 11-13,000 Navy; 16-18,000 Air Force) (2019 est.)
the Ecuadorian Armed Forces have approximately 40-42,000 active personnel (24-27,000 Army; 9,000 Navy; 6,500 Air Force) (2019 est.)
estimates of the size of the Egyptian Armed Forces (EAF) vary; approximately 438-458,000 total active personnel (310-340,000 Army; 18,500 Navy; 30,000 Air Force; 70-80,000 Air Defense Command); 325,000 Central Security Forces (2019 est.)
El Salvador
the Armed Force of El Salvador (FAES) has approximately 18-24,000 active troops (15-20,000 Army; 1,200-2,000 Navy; 2,000 Air Force); est. 17,000 National Police (2019 est.)
Equatorial Guinea
the Equatorial Guinea Armed Forces (FAGE) have approximately 1,400 active duty troops (1,100 Army; 200 Navy; 100 Air Force); the Guardia Civil has approximately 400 personnel (2019 est.)
the Eritrean Defense Forces are comprised of approximately 200,000 personnel (est. 200,000 Army; 1,500 Naval; 500 Air); note - it is unclear how many of the Army's 200,000 are on active duty; reportedly, some units are manned only with cadres during peacetime while many conscripts are not under arms (2020 est.)
the Estonian Defense Forces have approximately 6,500-7,000 active duty personnel (5,700-6,400 Army; 400 Navy; 500 Air Force); 15-25,000 Estonian Defense League; est. 2,200 Border Guard (2019 est.)
the Umbutfo Eswatini Defense Force has approximately 3,100 active personnel (3,000 Army; 100 Air Force) (2020 est.)
the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) is comprised of approximately 140,000 active duty troops (135-137,000 Ground; 3,000 Air; Navy N/A); note: the Navy was reestablished in 2020 (2020 est.)
the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) have about 3,500 personnel (3,200 Land Force; 300 Maritime Command) (2019 est.)
estimates for the size of the Finnish Defense Forces (FDF) vary from approximately 21,500 to 30,500 total active duty personnel (15,000-23,000 Army; 3,500-4,000 Navy; 2,700-3,300 Air Force); 2,700 Border Guards (2019 est.)
the French military has approximately 205,000 active duty troops (114,500 Army; 35,300 Navy; 40,800 Air Force; 13-16,000 other, such as joint staffs, medical service, etc.); 103,000 National Gendarmerie (2019 est.)
the Gabonese Defense Forces (FDG) are comprised of approximately 6,700 active duty troops (3,200 Land Forces; 500 Navy; 1,000 Air Force; 2,000 Gendarmerie) (2019 est.)
Gambia, The
estimates for the size of the Gambian National Army (GNA) vary from approximately 800 to 2,200 active troops (2019 est.)
Gaza Strip
the military wing of HAMAS, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, has an estimated 15-25,000 fighters (2019 est.)
estimates for the size of the Georgian Defense Forces vary; approximately 21-32,000 active troops, including the National Guard (2019 est.)
the German Federal Armed Forces have approximately 180,000 active duty personnel (62,000 Army; 16,000 Navy; 28,000 Air Force; 27,000 Joint Support Service; 20,000 Medical Service, 13,000 Cyber and Information Space Command; 14,000 other) (2019 est.)
the Ghana Armed Forces consists of approximately 13-15,500 personnel (9-11,500 Army; 2,000 Navy; 2,000 Air Force) (2019 est.)
the Hellenic Armed Forces have approximately 135,000 active duty personnel (90,000 Army; 16,000 Navy; 30,000 Air Force) (2019 est.)
the Army of Guatemala has approximately 18-24,000 active personnel (15-22,000 Land Forces; 1,500 Naval Forces; 1,000 Air Forces); 25-35,000 National Civil Police; note - estimates vary because the Guatemalan military is undergoing significant reforms to increase its size and presence and to rebuild capabilities (2019 est.)
Guinean National Armed Forces are comprised of approximately 12-13,000 active personnel (est. 8,500-9,000 Army; 400 Navy; 700-800 Air Force; 1,000-1,600 Gendarmerie; 1,600 Republican Guard); est. 7,000 People's Militia (reserves) (2019 est.)
the Peoples Revolutionary Armed Force (FARP) has approximately 4,400 active troops (4,000 Army; 300-350 Navy; 100 Air Force); est. 2,000 Guardia Nacional (2019 est.)
the Guyana Defense Force has approximately 2,500-3,000 active personnel (2019 est.)
the country's army is planned to eventually number around 5,000 personnel (2019 est.)
the Honduran Armed Forces (FFAA) have approximately 15,000 active personnel (7,300 Army; 1,400 Navy; 2,300 Air Force; 4,000 Public Order Military Police); 8,000 Public Security Forces (2019 est.)
the Hungarian Defense Forces have approximately 28-30,000 active duty troops (18,000 Army; 5-5,500 Air Force; 6-7,000 other) (2019 est.)
the Icelandic Coast Guard has approximately 250 personnel (2019 est.)
assessments of the size of the Indian Armed Forces vary; approximately 1.4 million active personnel (est. 1.2-1.26 million Army; 58-67,000 Navy; 127-141,000 Air Force; 10,000 Coast Guard); est. 1.5 million paramilitary forces (Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Home Affairs) (2019 est.)
the Indonesian National Armed Forces have an estimated 395,000 active duty troops (300,000 Army; 30,000 Air Force; 65,000 Navy); the Police Mobile Brigade Corps (BRIMOB) has an estimated 14,000 personnel (2019 est.)
assessments of the size the Islamic Republic of Iran Regular Forces (Artesh) vary; approximately 398-420,000 total active troops (350,000 Ground Forces; 18,000 Navy; 18-37,000 Air Force; 12-15,000 Air Defense Forces; size assessments for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) also vary, ranging from 130,000 to 190,000 total active personnel (90-140,000 Ground Forces; 20,000 Navy; 15,000 Aerospace Force; 5-15,000 Qods Force); 90,000 Basij Paramilitary Forces (est. 300-450,000 active reserve strength); 40-60,000 Law Enforcement Forces (2019 est.)
assessments of the size of the Iraqi military, security services, and associated militia forces vary widely; the military and the security services are rebuilding after suffering considerable losses in personnel and equipment fighting the Islamic State terrorist group (see note) and are also attempting to incorporate local militias; in addition, some assessments do not specify authorized or paper strengths as opposed to actual on-duty personnel; estimates for total active personnel in the Iraqi military range from a low of approximately 65,000 to a high of around 200,000 (54-195,000 Army; 3-3,500,000 Navy; 5-7,000 Air Force); National-Level Security Forces (10-12,000 Iraqi Counterterrorism Service; 10,000 Presidential Brigades; 6,000 Prime Minister's Special Forces Division); Ministry of Interior forces (29-45,000 Federal Police Forces; 6-14,000 Border Guard Forces; 3,000 Emergency Response Division; Facilities Protection Directorate N/A; Energy Police Directorate N/A); est. 100-130,000 Popular Mobilization Forces; est. 170-200,000 Peshmerga Forces (2019 est.)

note:  Iraqi Army strength reportedly fell from approximately 200,000 personnel in 2009 to around 50,000 in 2016; during the same period, the Federal Police dropped from over 100,000 personnel to around 36,000, while Border Guard forces fell from approximately 39,000 to 9,000

the Irish Defence Forces have approximately 9,500 active duty personnel (7,500 Army; 1,100 Navy; 900 Air Force) (2019 est.)
the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have approximately 170-176,000 active personnel (126-133,000 Ground Forces; 9,500 Naval; 34,000 Air Force); 8,000 Border Police (2019 est.)
the Italian Armed Forces have approximately 270,000 active personnel (95-100,000 Army; 28-30,000 Navy; 41,000 Air Force; 107,000 Carabinieri); 68,000 Financial Guard (2019 est.)
the Jamaica Defense Force has approximately 3,500-4,000 active personnel (3,000-3,400 Ground Forces; 300-350 Coast Guard; 250 Air Wing) (2019 est.)
the Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) is comprised of approximately 240,000 active personnel (140-150,000 Ground; 42-45,000 Maritime; 43-46,000 Air; 4,000 Joint Forces); 14,000 Coast Guard; 56,000 reserves (2019 est.)
the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) have approximately 100-103,000 active personnel (86-88,000 Army; 500 Navy; 14-15,000 Air Force); est. 15,000 Gendarmerie Forces (2019 est.)
estimates of the size of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan vary, ranging from a low of approximately 39,000 to a high of 53,000 active duty personnel (20-30,000 Army; 3,000 Navy; 12-16,000 Air and Air Defense; 4,000 other); est. 20,000 National Guard; est. 9,000 Border Service (including Coast Guard); est. 2,500 State Security Service (2019 est.)
the Kenyan Defense Forces (KDF) are comprised of approximately 24,000 personnel (20,000 Army; 1,500 Navy; 2,500-3,000 Air Force); 5,000 Police General Services Unit (2019 est.)
Korea, North
assessments of the size of the Korean People's Army (KPA) vary widely, particularly the ground force; approximately 1.2 million active troops (950,000-1.1 million Army; 100-120,000 Air Force; 60,000 Navy; 10,000 Strategic Forces); est. 200,000 Public Security forces (2019 est.)
Korea, South
the Republic of Korea Armed Forces have approximately 625,000 active duty personnel (490,000 Army; 70,000 Navy/Marines; 65,000 Air Force); 9,000 Coast Guard (2019 est.)
the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) has approximately 3-4,000 personnel (2019 est.)
the Kuwaiti Armed Forces have approximately 16-17,000 active personnel (11,500-13,000 Army; 2,000 Navy; 2,500 Air Force); est. 6,600 National Guard; note - Army figures include the Kuwait Emiri Guard Authority (est. 500) and the 25th Commando Brigade (N/A) (2019 est.)
the Kyrgyz Armed Forces have approximately 10,900 active duty troops (8,500 Land Forces; 2,400 Air Force/Air Defense); 1,000 National Guard; 5,000 Border Service (2019 est.)
the Lao People's Armed Forces (LPAF) are comprised of approximately 30,000 active duty troops (26,000 Army; 3500 Air Force; 500 Navy); approximately 100,000 Self-Defense Militia Forces (2019 est.)
the National Armed Forces of Latvia have approximately 6,200 active duty troops (1,400 Land Forces; 500 Naval Force/Coast Guard; 400 Air Force; 3,300 other, including joint staffs; 600 National Guard) (2019 est.)
the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) have approximately 58,000 active troops (54-56,500 Army; 1,100-1,800 Navy; 1,000-1,600 AF); est. 20,000 Internal Security Forces (2019 est.)
the Lesotho Defense Force (LDF) has approximately 2,000 personnel, including 150 for its air wing (2019 est.)
the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) have approximately 2,000 personnel (1,950 Army, including the air wing; 60 Coast Guard) (2019 est.)
the sizes of the forces of both the Government of National Accord and the Libyan National Army are unknown (2020 est.)
the Lithuanian Armed Forces have approximately 11-12,000 active duty personnel (7,500 Army; 600-750 Navy; 1-1,200 Air Force; 2,000 support); 5,000 National Defense Voluntary Forces; est. 11,000 Riflemen Union; 3,400 State Border Guard Service (2019 est.)
the Luxembourg Army has approximately 900 active personnel (2019 est.)
the Peoples Armed Forces (PAF) have approximately 21,500 personnel (12,500 Army; 500 Navy; 500 Air Force; 8,000 Gendarmerie) (2019 est.)
size estimates for the Malawi Defense Force vary; approximately 6,000-10,000 personnel (including about 200 in the Air Wing and 200 in the Marine Unit) (2019 est.)
the Malaysian Armed Forces have approximately 110-117,000 active duty troops (80,000 Army; 14-18,000 Navy; 15-19,000 Air Force); approximately 18,000 General Operations Force (2019 est.)
the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) has approximately 2,500 personnel (2019 est.)
estimates for the size of the Malian Armed Forces (FAMa) vary; approximately 15-20,000 total troops (10-14,000 Army; 800 Air Force; 2-5,000 Gendarmerie; 2,000 National Guard) (2019 est.)
the Armed Forces of Malta have approximately 2,000 active duty personnel (2019 est.)
the Mauritanian Armed Forces have approximately 16-17,000 active personnel (15-16,000 Army; 700 Navy; 300 Air Force); est. 5,000 Ministry of Interior (3,000 Gendarmerie; 2,000 National Guard) (2019 est.)
police paramilitary forces for Mauritius number about 2,500 (est. 1.700 Special Mobile Force; 800 National Coast Guard) (2019 est.)
the Mexican armed forces have approximately 275,000 active personnel (205-208,000 Army; 60,000 Navy; 8-8,500 Air Force); Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection (est. 41,000 Federal Police; planned 60,000 National Guard) (2019 est.)
estimates of the size of the Moldovan National Army vary; approximately 5,000-7,000 active troops (4,500-5,600 Land Forces; 600-1,300 Air Force); est. 900 Carabinieri (2019 est.)
the Mongolian Armed Forces (MAF) have approximately 8,000 active duty troops (6-9,000 Army; 1,000 Air Force); est. 6,000 Border Guard; est. 1,200 Internal Security Troops (2019 est.)
the Armed Forces of the Republic of Montenegro have approximately 2-2,200 total active duty troops (900-1,200 Army; 350-450 Navy; 200 Air Force; 200-500 other) (2019 est.)
the Royal Armed Forces have approximately 197,000 active personnel (175,000 Army; 8-10,000 Navy; 13,000 Air Force); 20-29,000 Gendarmerie; est. 30,000 Force Auxiliaire (2019 est.)
the Armed Defense Forces of Mozambique (FADM) are comprised of approximately 10-11,000 personnel (9-10,000 Army; 200 Navy; 1,000 Air Force) (2019 est.)
size assessments for the Namibian Defense Force (NDF) vary; approximately 11-15,000 personnel (9-13,000 Army; 1,000 Navy; 700 Air Force); 5,500-6,000 Police Special Field Force (2019 est.)
the Nepal Army has approximately 95,000 active troops (including a small air wing of about 300-500 personnel); approximately 15,000 Nepal Armed Police (2019 est.)
the Netherlands Armed Forces have approximately 41,000 active duty personnel (19,000 Army; 8,500 Navy; 8,000 Air Force; 5,900 Constabulary) (2019 est.)
New Zealand
the New Zealand Defense Force (NZDF) has about 9,300 active duty troops (4,600 Army; 2,200 Navy; 2,500 Air Force) (2019 est.)
the Army of Nicaragua has approximately 12,000 active personnel (10,000 Army; 800 Navy; 1,200 Air Force) (2019 est.)
the Nigerien Armed Forces (FAN) have approximately 7-8,000 active troops (5,200-6,000 Army; 100-300 Air; 1,400 Gendarmerie); est. 2,500 National Guard (2019 est.)
the Nigerian Armed Forces are comprised of approximately 125-135,000 active personnel (100,000 Army; 15-25,000 Navy/Coast Guard; 10,000 Air Force); est. 80,000 Security and Civil Defense Corps (2019 est.)
North Macedonia
the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia (ARSM) has approximately 8,000 active duty personnel (2019 est.)
the Norwegian Armed Forces have approximately 23,000 active personnel (8,000 Army; 3,900 Navy; 3-3,600 Air Force; 650 active Home Guard; 6-7,000 other, including special operations, cyber, joint staff, support, etc); approximately 40,000 total Home Guard (reserves) (2019 est.)
the Sultans Armed Forces (SAF) have approximately 40,000 total active troops (25,000 Army, 4,200 Navy; 4,100-5,000 Air Force; 6,400 Royal Guard); 400 Coast Guard; 4,000 Tribal Home Guard (2019 est.)
estimates of the size of the Pakistan military's active force vary; approximately 625-650,000 active personnel (550-560,000 Army; 25-30,000 Navy; 45-70,000 Air Force); est. 70,000 Frontier Corps; est. 25,000 Pakistan Rangers (2019 est.)
the Panamanian Public Security Forces are comprised of approximately 26,000 personnel (20,000 National Police Force; 4,000 National Border Service; 2,000 National Air-Naval Service) (2019 est.)
Papua New Guinea
the Papau New Guinea Defense Force has approximately 3,000 active duty troops (2,400-3,300 Ground; 200 Maritime; 100 Air) (2019 est.)
the Armed Forces of Paraguay have approximately 12-14,000 active personnel (7,500-9,500 Army; 2,700-3,000 Navy; 1,800 Air Force) (2019 est.)
Peruvian military size estimates vary widely; approximately 81-110,000 active personnel (47-65,000 Army; 24-27,000 Navy, including Marines; 9,500-18,000 Air Force); 77,000 National Police (2019 est.)
the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) have approximately 120,000 active duty personnel (80-86,000 Army; 22-24,000 Navy; 15-17,000 Air Force); note - the Navy includes about 8,500 marines) (2019 est.)
the Polish Armed Forces have approximately 117,000 total active duty personnel (61,000 Army; 7,000 Navy; 18,500 Air Force; 3,500 Special Forces; 14,000 Territorial Defense Forces; 13,500 other) (2019 est.)
the Portuguese Armed Forces have approximately 26,000 active duty personnel (13,000 Army; 7,500 Navy; 6,000 Air Force); 25,000 National Republican Guard (2019 est.)
size assessments for the Qatari Amiri military vary; approximately 12-16,000 active personnel (8,500-12,000 Land Force, including Emiri Guard; 2-2,500 Navy, including Coast Guard; 1,500-2,000 Air Force); est. 5,000 Internal Security Forces (2019 est.)
the Romanian Armed Forces have approximately 72,000 active duty personnel (55,000 Army; 7,000 Navy; 10,000 Air Force); est. 57,000 Gendarmerie (2019 est.)
size estimates for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation vary; approximately 850-900,000 total active duty troops (360-430,000 Ground Troops, including 36-45,000 Airborne Troops; 150,000 Navy; 200,000 Aerospace Forces; 100-150,000 other uniformed personnel (Strategic Rocket Forces, command and control, support, special operations forces, etc.); 200-340,000 Federal National Guard Troops; 160-200,000 Federal Security Service (2019 est.)
the Rwanda Defense Force (RDF) has approximately 33,000 active personnel (32,000 Army; 300-1,000 Air Force) (2019 est.)
Saudi Arabia
the Saudi military forces under the Ministry of Defense have approximately 125,000 active troops (75,000 Land Forces; 13,500 Naval Forces; 33-36,000 Air Force/Air Defense; 2,500 Strategic Missile Forces); 100-105,000 Saudi Arabia National Guard (SANG); 15,000 Border Guard; 9,000 Facilities Security Force (2019 est.)
the Senegalese Armed Forces (SAF) consist of approximately 19,000 active personnel (12,000 Army; 1,000 Navy/Coast Guard; 1,000 Air Force; 5-5,500 National Gendarmerie) (2019 est.)
the Serbian Armed Forces have approximately 20,000 active duty troops (13,200 Army; 5,100 Air/Air Defense; 1,600 Guards Brigade); 3,700 Gendarmerie (2019 est.)
the Seychelles People's Defence Forces (SPDF) is comprised of about 500-600 personnel (200 Land Forces; 2-300 Coast Guard; 100 Air Force) (2019 est.)
Sierra Leone
the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) is comprised of about 8,500 personnel, including an estimated 300 in the air and maritime wings (2019 est.)
the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) have approximately 72,000 active duty troops (50,000 Army; 9,000 Navy; 13,000 Air Force) (2019 est.)
the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic have approximately 15,500 active duty personnel (6,000 Land Forces; 4,000 Air and Air Defense; 5,500 other, including central staff, support, and training duties) (2019 est.)
the Slovenian Armed Forces have approximately 6,500-7,000 active duty troops, including ground, air, and maritime elements (2019 est.)
estimates of the size of Somali National Army (SNA) vary widely because of inconsistent and unreliable data, as well as the ongoing integration of various militias; as of January 2020, estimates ranged from approximately 10,500-20,000; note - in 2017, the Somali Government announced a plan for the SNA to eventually number 18,000 troops, but progress has been slow; the same plan called for 32,000 federal and regional police (2019 est.)

note: the military forces of the independent Republic of Somaliland have an estimated 12,000 personnel

South Africa
the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) is comprised of approximately 65,000 personnel (40,000 Army; 7,000 Navy; 10,000 Air Force; 8,000 Military Health Service) (2019 est.)
South Sudan
estimates of the size of Somali National Army (SNA) vary widely because of inconsistent and unreliable data, as well as the ongoing integration of various militias; as of January 2020, estimates ranged from approximately 10,500-20,000; note - in 2017, the Somali Government announced a plan for the SNA to eventually number 18,000 troops, but progress has been slow; the same plan called for 32,000 federal and regional police (2019 est.)
the Spanish Armed Forces have approximately 120,000 active duty troops (75,000 Army; 20,000 Navy; 20,000 Air Force; 5,000 other); 75,000 Guardia Civil (2019 est.)
Sri Lanka
assessments of the size of the Sri Lankan military vary; approximately 225,000-270,000 total personnel (180-200,000 Army; 15-35,000 Navy; 28-38,000 Air Force; Coast Guard N/A); est. 3,000 Special Task Force; est. 13,000 Civil Security Department (2019 est.)
size assessments for the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) vary widely, from a low of approximately 105,000 to a high of about 245,000 active duty personnel, including 1,500 Navy and 3,000 Air Force; est. 20-40,000 paramilitary Rapid Support Forces; est. 20,000 Popular Defense Forces (2019 est.)
the Suriname Army is comprised of approximately 1,800 active personnel (ground, air, naval, and military police) (2019 est.)
the Swedish Armed Forces (Forsvarsmakten) have approximately 15,000 active duty troops (5,600-6,800 Army; 2,100-2,900 Navy; 2,800 Air Force; est. 2,500-4,500 other, including staff, support, administration, etc); 22,000 Home Guard (2019 est.)
the Swiss Armed Forces maintain an active duty cadre of 3-3,500 personnel along with approximately 18,500 conscripts brought in annually for 18-23 weeks of training (2019 est.)
N/A; note - the Syrian Armed Forces (SAF) are rebuilding and trying to integrate government-allied militias and auxiliary forces while continuing to engage in a civil war; prior to the start of the civil war in 2011, the SAF had approximately 325,000 active troops, including an estimated 225,000 Army; by 2018, its estimated size was reportedly less than 100,000 due to casualties and desertions (2019 est.)
the Taiwan military has approximately 215,000 active duty troops (130,000 Army; 40,000 Navy; 45,000 Air Force); 11,500 Coast Guard; note - Taiwan is shifting to an all-volunteer force and reducing the size of the military to 175,000 (2019 est.)
the Armed Forces of the Republic of Tajikistan have approximately 9-10,000 active troops (7,300-8,800 Land and Mobile Forces; 1,500 Air and Air Defense Forces); est. 1,200 National Guard; 3,800 Internal Troops; 2,500 Emergencies Ministry; Border Guards N/A (2019 est.)
the Tanzania Peoples Defense Forces (TPDF) have an estimated 25-27,000 active personnel (21-23,000 Land Forces; 1,000 Naval Forces; 2,500-3,000 Air Force) (2019 est.)
the Royal Thai Armed Forces (RTARF) are comprised of approximately 360,000 active duty personnel (245,000 Army; 69,000 Navy; 46,000 Air Force); est. 21,000 Thai Rangers; est. 45,000 Volunteer Defense Corps (2019 est.)
the Timor-Leste Defense Force (F-FDLT) is comprised of approximately 1,500 troops (2019 est.)
the Togolese Armed Forces (FAT) are comprised of approximately 9,300 personnel (8,100 Army; 200 Navy; 250 Navy; 750 Gendarmerie) (2019 est.)
Trinidad and Tobago
the Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force (TTDF) has approximately 4,000 active personnel (2,700-3,000 Army; 1,000 Coast Guard; 50 Air Guard) (2019 est.)
the Tunisian Armed Forces (FAT) have approximately 35,000 active personnel (27,000 Army; 4,800 Navy; 3,500-4,000 Air Force); 12,000 National Guard (2019 est.)
size assessments for the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) vary; approximately 355-400,000 total active duty personnel (260-304,000 Army; 44-45,000 Navy; 50-53,000 Air Force); approximately 152,000 Gendarmerie; 4,700 Coast Guard (2019 est.)
the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan have approximately 36-37,000 active troops (est. 33,000 National Army; 500-700 Navy, 3-4,000 Air and Air Defense Forces); 5,000 Federal Border Guard Service (2019 est.)
size assessments for the the Uganda Peoples Defense Force (UPDF) vary; est. 45-57,000 troops, including approximately 1,000 air and marine personnel (2019 est.)
size estimates for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Zbroyni Syly Ukrayiny, ZSU) vary; approximately 210-220,000 active troops (153-168,000 Army, including Airborne/Air Assault Forces; 11-15,000 Navy; 36-45,000 Air Force); 46-50,000 National Guard; 42,000 State Border Guard Service (2019 est.)
United Arab Emirates
the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces have approximately 63,000 total active personnel (44,000 Land Forces; 2,500 Navy; 4,500; 12,000 Presidential Guard); Coastal Patrol Agency N/A (2019 est.)
United Kingdom
the British military has approximately 148,000 total active duty troops (83,000 Army; 32,500 Navy, including 7,000 Marines; 32,500 Air Force) (2019 est.)
United States
the US Armed Forces have approximately 1.31 million active duty personnel (475,000 Army; 325,000 Navy; 325,000 Air Force; 185,000 Marine Corps); 42,000 Coast Guard; 334,000 Army National Guard; 91,000 Air National Guard; 189,000 Army Reserves; 68,000 Air Force Reserve; 100,000 Naval Reserve; 38,000 Marine Corps Reserve (2019 est.)
the Armed Forces of Uruguay have approximately 21-23,000 active personnel (13,500-15,500 Army; 5,000 Navy; 2,500 Air Force); 1,400 Guardia Nacional Republicana (2019 est.)
assessments for the size of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan vary; approximately 48-63,000 total active troops: est. 40-50,000 Army; est. 8-13,000 Air and Air Defense Forces); 1,000 National Guard; est. 19,000 Internal Security Troops (2019 est.)
the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) have approximately 125,000 active personnel (60-63,000 Army; 25,000 Navy; 11,000 Air Force; 23-30,000 National Guard); est. 100-200,000 Bolivarian National Militia (2019 est.)
the People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) has approximately 475,000 active duty troops (400-410,000 ground; 40,000 naval; 30,000 air); est. 40,000 Border Defense Force and Coast Guard (2019 est.)
West Bank
the Palestinian Authority Security Forces have approximately 28-30,000 active personnel (2019 est.)
N/A; prior to the civil war, Yemeni government armed forces had approximately 65-70,000 active personnel (60,000 Army; 2-2,500 Navy; 5,000 Air Force) (2019 est.)
the Zambia Defense Force (ZDF) has an estimated 15-18,000 active troops (13-16,500 Army; 1,500 Air); 1,400 paramilitary Police (2019 est.)
size estimates for the Zimbabwe Defense Forces (ZDF) vary; approximately 29-40,000 active duty troops, including 4,000 serving in the Air Force (2019 est.)