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Afghan Gallery

Afghan Museum

Through the exemplars of the Office of Strategic Services, CIA’s WWII predecessor, and Operation Enduring Freedom unconventional warfare tradecraft and technologies, "On the Front lines: The CIA in Afghanistan" presents artifacts and images relating to the global offensive against international terrorism. The uniquely visual exhibit addresses the importance of joint operations, cross-community relationships, and sacrifice while providing a current-mission focus in support of operational, training, and recruiting outreach.

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Office of Strategic Service Gallery

OSS Gallery

"The Office of Strategic Services: America's First Intelligence Agency" exhibit was dedicated in June 2002 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS); it was recently renovated. For more details about the new OSS gallery, please read the related Featured Story. It is the largest exhibit on OSS history in the country and is dedicated to preserving the legacy CIA inherited from the OSS. The exhibit displays personal memorabilia from Major General William J. Donovan, founder of the Office of Strategic Services. It also displays examples of OSS equipment; and a German "Enigma" enciphering machine from World War II.

To view the CIA publication The Office of Strategic Services: America's First Intelligence Agency, please click here.

To view the National Park Service publication OSS Training in National Parks and Service Abroad in WWII, please click here. [External Link Disclaimer]

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Cold War Gallery

Cold War Gallery

The staff of the Center for the Study of Intelligence, working in collaboration with collector and historian H. Keith Melton, established this exhibit in 1997 as part of the CIA's 50th anniversary celebration. "The Cold War: Fifty Years of Silent Conflict" exhibit showcases some of Melton’s 10,000 clandestine espionage artifacts from the United States, the former Soviet Union, and East Germany. These artifacts are currently on loan by Melton.

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Directorate of Analysis Gallery

DI Gallery

For more than 50 years, the Directorate of Analysis (DA) has informed US presidents and other policymakers about the world in which they live. DA analysts have evaluated “raw” information relating to national security and turned it into “finished” intelligence, from current to long-range, written as brief reports or as in-depth studies. The DA has covered crises and confrontations, produced timely insights available nowhere else, and put them into the right hands. In November 2002, the DA and the CIA Museum opened the only exhibit on intelligence analysis in the country to commemorate the DA’s 50th anniversary.

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Directorate of Science & Technology Gallery

DS&T Gallery

Among the nation's greatest secrets are those involving the CIA men and women who apply their skills and expertise in pure science, applied engineering, master craftsmanship, operational tradecraft, and linguistics to provide America's leaders with critically important intelligence on the world. “The Directorate of Science & Technology—People & Technology In the Service of Freedom” commemorates the 40th anniversary of the DS&T and provides a glimpse into this secret world. The items displayed here were designed by some of America's most advanced thinkers, adapting existing technologies or inventing new ones—selflessly putting themselves in the service of freedom.

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