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Mentoring at CIA

Mentoring is the process of establishing a unique developmental relationship between a more experienced employee and one or more less experienced employees. This relationship is a partnership built on mutual respect that fosters the growth and development of all participants. At the CIA, these relationships enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the Agency’s workforce and enable us to be a more innovative and successful organization in today’s multicultural global environment.

At the CIA, we have a number of different formal mentoring programs, at the office and directorate level, within affinity groups, as well as a cross-directorate group mentoring program. Our strategic goal is to ensure that all employees at all levels have access to mentoring. We provide resources and guidance to support and sustain mentoring programs throughout the Agency. We also sponsor the annual D/CIA Excellence in Mentoring Awards, and Best Practices in Mentoring Learning Forum, as well as other events geared to promote mentoring throughout the Agency.



For the Organization

  • Strengthens commitment to the CIA and its mission.
  • Facilitates smooth transfer of organizational knowledge, culture, values, and other key components to the next generation of leaders.
  • Recognizes and cultivates the untapped potential of CIA employees, and assists with succession planning.
  • Contributes to retaining people with strong qualifications and high levels of ability.
  • Develops employees to strategically think and plan in the short and long term.
  • Opens lines of communication within and across directorates.

For the Mentors

  • Allows senior officers to review and upgrade their own skills by guiding mentees.
  • Increases communication with others from diverse backgrounds, talents, and experiences.
  • Instills pride as they “pay it forward”: inspire mentees to subsequently become mentors themselves.

For the Mentees

  • Increases their knowledge of organizational culture, policies, goals, and values.
  • Develops and enhances skills and competencies.
  • Receives attention and support from more experienced staff.
  • Identifies valuable resources and network for obtaining information.
  • Increases communication and sharing with others from diverse backgrounds, talents, and experiences.

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Posted: Apr 20, 2007 10:45 AM
Last Updated: Nov 28, 2018 10:48 AM

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