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Mentoring at CIA

The CIA’s mentoring programs help foster a culture of mutual respect. The relationships established by these programs enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of all participants, and enable us to be a more innovative and successful organization in today’s multicultural global environment.

We have a number of different formal mentoring programs at the office and directorate level, within affinity groups, as well as reverse mentoring and cross-directorate group mentoring programs. Our strategic goal is to ensure that all employees at all levels have access to mentoring. We provide resources and guidance to support and sustain mentoring programs throughout the Agency. We also sponsor the annual Director of the CIA Excellence in Mentoring Awards, and the Best Practices in Mentoring Learning Forum, as well as other events geared to promote mentoring throughout the Agency.

Testimonials: Mentoring Matters

"I stand on the shoulders of those who came before me. The many people who acted as mentors, sponsors and champions for me, paved the way for my success and prepared me for the ’right now’ moments in my career. It’s important for me to continue the cycle and be a champion for the next generation of Agency officers. These are the Agency’s future leaders, so I want to make sure they have the resources they need – just as I had – to reach their fullest potential."

– Intelligence Service Officer

"I have served 35 years at the CIA. Beginning my career as a teenager who put myself through college while working full time; at this point in my career, I have found great benefit from reverse mentoring. By pairing with junior officers, I gain from hearing their perspective and opinions on important leadership issues. The valuable insights I have gained have helped me better address unique challenges that the organization faces. Junior officers force me to think outside the box."

– CIA Senior Manager

Everyone Benefits

We have found that a successful mentoring program benefits everyone involved.

Thanks to the mentoring program, mentees:

  • Increase their knowledge of organizational culture, policies, goals and values
  • Develop and enhance their skills and competencies
  • Receive attention and support from more experienced staff
  • Increase their communication and sharing with others from diverse backgrounds, talents and experiences

Because of the mentoring program, mentors:

  • Sharpen and upgrade their skills by guiding mentees
  • Increase communication with others from diverse backgrounds, talents and experiences
  • Instill pride as they “pay it forward” – inspiring mentees to become mentors themselves

The mentoring program helps the Agency by:

  • Strengthening employees’ commitment to our mission
  • Facilitating a smooth transfer of organizational knowledge, culture and values to the next generation of leaders
  • Recognizing and cultivating the untapped potential of CIA employees
  • Assisting with succession planning
  • Contributing to retaining people with strong qualifications and high levels of ability
  • Developing employees to strategically think and plan in the short and long term
  • Opening lines of communication within and across directorates

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Posted: Feb 12, 2019 03:27 PM
Last Updated: Feb 12, 2019 03:27 PM

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