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List of CIA Myths

We'd like to dispel a few myths about working for the CIA.

  • Myth #1: An average day as a CIA employee involves a car chase in a foreign city.
    Not quite. Narrow alleyways and bugs in high heel shoes are far more common on TV than they are at the CIA. Supporting a worldwide intelligence operation is glamorous though – you're collecting intelligence on the cutting edge of global change, after
  • Myth #2: You can't use social media if you work for the CIA.
    The truth is, CIA employees can use social media. We just have some guidelines to protect the men and women who serve our country. There can be plenty of friending and following and liking in your future (just not during the work day).top
  • Myth #3: Hardly anyone ever makes it through the CIA background check.
    Definitely not true. There are specific qualifications CIA candidates must meet, but cutting class once or twice your senior year won't DQ you from a career protecting your nation. We ensure that only the most qualified and committed candidates are selected, but those decisions are based on a thorough and stringent application process. Not on a couple parking
  • Myth #4: You can't work at the CIA if you have a tattoo.
    Not true. You also don't need to know how to tango or look good in a tux. CIA employees are as diverse as the nation we protect. Including people with
  • Myth #5: You can only work at the CIA if your family's been in the US for generations.
    US citizenship is US citizenship, no matter how long you've had it. No matter if your parents are citizens or if your grandparents still live overseas. We're interested in your abilities, not your
  • Myth #6: The CIA only hires Ivy League students.
    The brilliant men and women of CIA come from all sorts of backgrounds – including community colleges, state schools and work experience. How you got the skills we need doesn't matter. Using them to protect our nation
  • Myth #7: The CIA won't hire anyone who has ever illegally downloaded an MP3.
    This one's true and false. We understand that people have all made choices in the past that they don't make anymore. And as our laws have grown to prevent illegal downloading, so have our expectations of our employees. What we're looking for is honesty and adherence to the law from all active
  • Myth #8: Once you start at the CIA, you'll never see your family or friends again.
    The work we do may be secret, but your life doesn't have to be. Most of our careers are at CIA headquarters, and include a wider range of occupations than any commercial enterprise. You're welcome to talk to your mom as much or as little as you
  • Myth #9: Job Requirement #1: Super Powers.
    Believe it or not, you don't have to know karate, or be able to withstand a jolt of electricity, or outrun a sports car to work at the CIA. You must, however, possess deep intellect, the ability to make good decisions and dedication to your
  • Myth #10: You might have to spy on your family.
    Our work as America's premier intelligence agency involves collecting information from sources outside the United States. So the odds of you ever having to spy on or monitor your family are, well, absolutely
  • Myth #11: If you don't speak a foreign language, don't bother applying.
    Just because CIA officers in the movies are required to speak fluent Farsi or Mandarin to do their jobs, that doesn't mean it's a requirement to obtain a position within the CIA. But, if you ever have to learn a foreign language, we'll teach it to
  • Myth #12: You'll get to use lots of secret gadgets.
    Actually, there's a little truth to this one. Spy movies like to show off all kinds of high-tech gear, but real CIA Officers don't necessarily use them. An analyst wouldn't need a sneaky device to write a report. But our scientists and engineers do get to work on technology so advanced, it's

Posted: Mar 18, 2013 10:15 AM
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018 05:37 PM

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