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MyLINK Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is MyLINK?

A1: As of January 5, 2023, MyLINK will be the way you can express your interest in working at CIA by submitting your resume and providing some basic information about yourself. CIA recruiters will contact you if your submission meets our needs.

Q2: How is MyLINK different than a full CIA application?

A2: MyLINK allows an individual to submit their resume to express interest in working at the CIA. Based on your resume, you may be invited to apply for a position at the Agency.

Q3: Why did CIA change its hiring process?

A3: We are changing the process to improve our ability to modernize and streamline the Agency’s hiring process and help CIA recruit talented US citizens to join the Agency’s foreign intelligence mission. If you formally applied prior to 1 January 2023, there is no need for you to submit your resume through MyLINK.

Q4: After submitting my resume through MyLINK, what should I expect next?

A4: If an individual’s resume meets the CIA’s needs, a CIA recruiter may contact the candidate to discuss their interest in a position. Based on interactions with the candidate, the recruiter may invite them to submit a formal application for employment.

Q5: How will the CIA contact me?

A5: We will call you at the phone number you provided on your resume. Please set up and check your voicemail.

Q6: If I lost or forgot the MyLINK tracking number provided to me at time of submission, how can I retrieve it?

A6: You will not be able to retrieve your original MyLINK tracking number, so you will have to re-submit a resume to receive a new tracking number.

Q7: How many jobs can I add to MyLINK?

A7: You can select and prioritize up to four jobs that interest you, but you must select at least one job.

Q8: After submitting my resume, can I return to the form to re-order my job rankings?

A8: No. Once you submit, you will not be able to re-order your job rankings.

Q9: I currently have a security clearance, will I have to go through the security clearance process again after submitting my resume through MyLINK?

A9: Yes. Regardless of any clearances you currently hold or previously held with any federal agency, you will be required to undergo a separate CIA background investigation and suitability review if invited to apply and receive a conditional offer of employment.

Q10: I have a disability, who do I contact to request a reasonable accommodation to help me complete and submit a resume through MyLINK?

A10: You may contact the Agency’s Ability Talent Broker via a toll-free number [1- (866) 237-7221]. For more information about how the CIA can provide you with a reasonable accommodation, please visit our page regarding accessibility.

Q11: If I am having trouble using MyLINK, how can I get technical support?

A11: If you need technical assistance with MyLINK, please contact our Help Desk by phone at 1-855-300-0043 and leave a message. A representative will call you back the next business day (Monday – Friday, 9am – 3pm EST.)