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Amy South Asian Analyst

From the moment my college mentor said, “You could write for the President within your first six months if you worked at the CIA,” I knew I wanted the responsibility.

Hear how Amy is doing in her career with the CIA.

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I came across the CIA at a career fair. I thought I would give it a shot for a year, but as soon as I got there, I loved it.

Listen to just some of the career highlights Frederick covers at the CIA.

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JeremyMilitary Nuclear Analyst

I’m a Military Nuclear Analyst, and knowing senior US policymakers, including the President, value my analysis, makes it exciting to come to work.

Hear why Jeremy enjoys being a Military Nuclear Analyst at the CIA.

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MarkSecurity Officer

As a former English teacher, I get to use my strong research and verbal communication skills to provide expert knowledge and judgment that really makes a positive difference.

Listen to where Mark’s teaching background took him at the CIA.

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LawrenceSupervisor, Arms Control Analyst

Long before graduating high school, I knew I wanted to work for the US Government as a Military Analyst. It didn’t take much research for me to know the CIA would provide me with everything I wanted in a career.

Hear more from Lawrence as he reflects back on his decision to join the CIA.

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MarianneMission Support Administrator

I have been here for about two years now — and no day is the same. I have taken classes in security, contracts and human resources training that have allowed me to build my skills.

Listen to where Marianne’s career started at the CIA and find out where she’s going.

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As a Science and Technology Analyst, I am able to help put technical development into a broader context and I really enjoy the work.

Hear how Tom applies his technical background at the CIA.

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SharonTechnical Targeting Analyst

When it came time for me to start my new position as a Technical Targeting Analyst, the CIA provided the training to help me move forward.

Hear more about Sharon and her career development at the CIA.

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CaraDirector, Systems Analysis

I’ve worked at the CIA for 21 years and counting and I know there is no place like it.

Hear how working at the CIA is a career unlike any other.

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DawnGraduate Student

I was excited and surprised to learn there was a place for a computer science major like me at the CIA.

Listen to more about Dawn’s experience as a student employee at the CIA.

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PamelaContracting Officer

The Agency’s mission is important to me, and I’ve found a way to put my skills as an attorney to work in service of our nation.

Hear about Pamela’s procurement and policy work at the CIA.

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KunalUndergraduate Student

I wanted a really meaningful career. At the CIA, I found a place to solve complex real world challenges with my engineering training.

Learn about Kunal’s life as an Engineering Intern at the CIA.

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LisaManager, Near East Division

From learning three new languages to achieving great work-life balance, I’ve found a great, challenging career that lets me apply my most valuable skills.

Learn more about Lisa’s career at the CIA.

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DeniseCollection Management Officer

My interests, my skills and my passions were all pointing me toward an international career. I found one that lets me be an important part of my nation.

Hear Denise’s story about applying her passions to her career at the CIA.

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DerekTargeting Officer

My team and I work with CIA intelligence and other counterterrorism teams to keep our country safe.

Learn more about how Derek helps keep the nation safe every day

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CambysesStaff Operations Officer

I never dreamed an average workday would include things like nuclear proliferation research or organized crime prevention.

Hear how Cambyses thinks outside the box to protect his family and his nation.

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Posted: May 10, 2007 11:09 PM
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