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  • What is the employment process for a non-military person, who might want to work in ADMA?
  • While positions are limited, any that are open can be found by carefully reading the “Careers & Internships” page for current vacancies and application details.

  • How can military members compete to work in the Associate Director for Military Affairs office?
  • First, the opportunities to serve in ADMA are limited. Any serving military member who would like to contribute should contact their branch detailer, assignment manager, or other personnel manager for details on competing to work in ADMA. All military services have uniformed members serving at CIA.

  • Does a civilian need to have worked in the military, or have some prior military experience, to be considered for a position within ADMA?
  • Absolutely not. ADMA values the diverse backgrounds of all applicants for an ADMA position and no Agency positions in ADMA have a requirement of prior military experience. Obviously, prior military experience can be of value for certain positions, but there is no “litmus test” that applicants must pass.

  • How can retiring military members compete to work in the Associate Director for Military Affairs?
  • Retiring military members should review any open vacancies and apply through the “Careers & Internships” page at least three to six months before completing their military obligation.

  • How will getting a job at CIA affect my benefits if I am a retiring military member?
  • When someone retires from the military they receive certain benefits for life and these should not change. If a retiree becomes a CIA staff officer, they would also be entitled to the defined benefits provided to other staff officers. Agency recruiters would be able to discuss specific benefit questions if a retiree’s application is accepted for further processing.

  • Does ADMA have joint duty coded positions?
  • Yes, certain ADMA positions are coded joint duty and afford those who successfully fill them, the opportunity to earn joint duty credit.

  • Can military experience take the place of college degree?
  • It may. This would be determined by the recruiter and, if initially accepted for further processing, how well the applicant did on the testing, interview and matching process in E-recruiting.

  • What jobs are former military best suited for at CIA?
  • There is no one job that former military are best suited for at CIA. E-recruiting has the ability to match a person to a job based on key words in their resume. Ideally, the person applying should already know what career path they want to go into, but if not, a computer model will help determine a possible path for them.

  • Will my military career selection impact my ability to work at CIA?
  • It might. An individual should work in the career field they are best suited for, and most interested in, while serving in the Military. While certain fields like intelligence career fields, linguistics, targeting and translators are potentially more directly of interest to CIA, a wide variety of career fields are available at CIA.

Posted: Dec 06, 2016 11:22 AM
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018 05:34 PM

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