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There's no other career like a CIA career. The work here is truly that of the nation. Start exploring CIA career opportunities by clicking one of the categories below. Once you've determined the position(s) you’d like to apply for, visit the Application Process page for guidance about completing the online application.


Collaborative. Problem-solvers. Critical thinkers. These are the qualities needed for CIA analytic positions. The ability to study and evaluate sometimes inconsistent and incomplete information and provide unique insights that help inform decisions is a key aspect of these positions.

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Integrity. Dedication. Flexibility. These qualities are essential in our clandestine positions. These professionals thrive on challenges and put their country first. In these roles, you will strengthen national security and foreign policy objectives using your technical and specialized skills. These careers require you to be self-reliant and work effectively in teams as well as individually.

Directorate of Operations Positions

Technical Clandestine Positions

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Curious. Problem Solver. Action-oriented. These are the qualities common among targeters working in a variety of positions across the Agency. Targeters leverage information to enable and focus operations, collection, or analytic assessments. Targeters identify high priority individuals, organizations, networks, data collections or technologies; analyze their relevance and vulnerabilities; and find connections among disparate sets of data to initiate and support action. While Targeters share many of the same qualifications and approaches, the Agency deploys these officers in different ways based on organization of assignment, area of focus, and role. These include:

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Enterprise & Support

Skilled. Mission-driven. Impactful. Each and every CIA employee embodies these qualities, including our enterprise and support professionals. From medical services and human resources to the security, legal affairs, finance and trade occupations, these officers provide the infrastructure and expertise necessary to keep key CIA functions up and running at Headquarters and in locations worldwide.

Business Management, Accounting, Finance



Legal and Oversight


Arts, Design, Publishing, Production

Geography, Cartography, GIS

Library and Information Science

Education and Training

Human Resources

Trades and Labor

Administrative Support


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Foreign Language

Expertise. Drive. Insight. Foreign language is central to everything the CIA does, and our foreign language experts ensure we stay one step ahead. Because intelligence priorities can shift—and countries and languages can increase in importance rapidly—the CIA must employ people with language skills to handle both current national security requirements and potential new missions. We need language experts who not only speak, translate and interpret foreign languages, but also understand cultural nuances.

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All positions require relocation to the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

An equal opportunity employer and a drug-free workforce.

Posted: Sep 21, 2009 11:50 AM
Last Updated: Dec 12, 2019 11:11 AM

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