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Technical Researcher

Work Schedule: Full Time
Salary: $56,233 – $148,967*
Location: Washington, DC metropolitan area

*Higher starting salary possible depending on experience level.

This position offers an opportunity to participate in the Language Hiring Bonus Program. See "Bonus Programs" in the Benefits section for more information.

Technical Researchers in the Directorate of Science & Technology (DS&T) direct and oversee scientific research and technical development activities across multiple programs and through one or more projects addressing CIA and Intelligence Community (IC) objectives. This includes development and implementation of innovative original theories/methods applicable to support and enhance the intelligence mission. The small cadre of DS&T Technical Researchers performs exploratory and applied scientific research, provide operational and strategic technical guidance on use of current and emerging technology, and provide technical expertise for initiating and implementing research and development programs. This work demands initiative, creativity, advanced research skills and technical expertise which are applied mostly outside the traditional/conventional laboratory environment.

CIA Technical Researchers are encouraged to maintain and broaden professional ties through academic study, contacts and attendance at professional meetings. They may also choose to pursue additional studies in fields relevant to their areas of responsibility. This important vocational specialty includes a broad spectrum of experiences.

Opportunities exist for foreign travel, technical and management training, and assignments in other offices in the CIA and throughout the US Government.

Minimum requirements for the small cadre of Technical Researcher positions in the DS&T include initiative, creativity, integrity, technical excellence, and strong interpersonal and communication skills. Ideal candidates have a self-starter attitude, the ability to work independently and in a group. A bachelor's degree (graduate degrees desired) in one of the below listed fields coupled with demonstrated experience in scientific research settings is required:

  • Applied Physics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Forensic Science
  • Material Science
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Nanotechnology
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Optics & Electrochemistry

Applicants must also possess strong written and oral English communications skills. A GPA of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale is preferred.

When applying to a Directorate of Science and Technology (DS&T) position, attach to the online application the following:

  • A one page cover letter describing why you are interested in a DS&T career and what characteristics and experiences distinguish you from other applicants
  • Resume
  • Academic transcripts for any school attended in the past 3 years

To be considered suitable for Agency employment, applicants must generally not have used illegal drugs within the last twelve months. The issue of illegal drug use prior to twelve months ago is carefully evaluated during the medical and security processing.

Important Notice: Friends, family, individuals, or organizations may be interested to learn that you are an applicant for or an employee of the CIA. Their interest, however, may not be benign or in your best interest. You cannot control whom they would tell. We therefore ask you to exercise discretion and good judgment in disclosing your interest in a position with the Agency. You will receive further guidance on this topic as you proceed through your CIA employment processing.

To Apply:

Save the position(s) that interest you in the job cart. You can add up to four (4) positions. Job cart selections will only be retained during this site visit, so be sure to click “Apply Now” before you close the browser window. After clicking "Apply Now" you will be taken to the application account creation page. The positions will appear in the cart once you have created an account. DO NOT submit multiple applications; this will only slow the review of your application, and delay processing. Please read the Application Instructions carefully before you begin the online application process.

Application Instructions

An equal opportunity employer and a drug-free work force.

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