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CIA targeters learn to use their research, critical thinking, and writing and briefing skills; unique tools; and technical, linguistic, foreign affairs, or operational knowledge to exploit key data, steer intelligence collection and operations, and inform senior officials. Being able to identify and assess the right entities, vulnerabilities, and technology trends that answer critical intelligence issues is vital to this work. These positions require strong analytic, research, and investigative skills combined with an operational sense and personal initiative.

  • Digital Targeter. Do you enjoy assembling puzzles with pieces numbering in the millions? Digital Targeters exploit large data sets with sophisticated tools to identify patterns, examine clues, and unlock virtual doors to direct operations via technical means.

    As a Directorate of Digital Innovation (DDI) Digital Targeter for the CIA, you are the creative architect and enable cutting edge operations focused on a wide range of priorities. You will apply your technical expertise to exploit clandestine and publically available information (also known as open source data) using specialized methodologies and digital tools to plan, initiate and support technical and human-based operations. Digital Targeters are investigative, pragmatic and driven to develop innovative digital solutions to complex problems, and effectively communicate these solutions to non-technical partners. You will be strongly supported to continuously advance and refine your technical, analytic and exploitation skills. Concurrently, Digital Targeters serve as primary digital interlocutors with key CIA and Intelligence partners.
  • Open Source Exploitation Officer. Do you enjoy exploring the world’s information highways in search of information, often in foreign languages?  Open Source Exploitation Officers employ sophisticated search strategies and techniques, and utilize their linguistic skills and cultural knowledge, to uncover information, analyze foreign events, and support operations.

    As a Directorate of Digital Innovation (DDI) Open Source Exploitation Officer (OSEO) for the CIA, you will discover, collect, and assess foreign-based publicly available information, also known as Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), in a dynamic, ever-expanding digital environment. OSINT spans traditional media, academic papers, geospatial data and technology, datasets, social media, and plays an important role in all aspects of Agency work. As an OSEO, you will develop plans that use effective tools and methodologies to research and collect open source information. Using your knowledge of a geographic or subject area, the open source information environment, and language proficiency, you will convey your findings in written products and briefings.
  • Targeting Analyst. Do you enjoy getting down into the weeds of an organization and identifying the people and operations that make it tick? Targeting analysts use network analysis techniques and specialized analytic tools to identify, detail, and help disrupt key figures and organizations who pose a threat to US interests.

    As a Directorate of Analysis Targeting Analyst for the CIA, you will work on teams that bring analysis and operations together to maximize the impact of Agency and Intelligence Community resources against key figures and organizations who pose a threat to US interests. You will regularly communicate your findings to policy and operational decision makers via a range of sophisticated short- and longer-term written intelligence products and verbal presentations. You will need to use your creativity, critical thinking, initiative, and strong communication and interpersonal skills to help solve complex intelligence problems and drive intelligence collection efforts. Over the course of your career, you might focus on specific regions of the world and on functional topics including terrorism, weapons proliferation, narcotics trafficking, counterintelligence, and cyber threats.
  • Targeting Officer. Do you enjoy assessing people’s capabilities, connections and intentions?  Targeting Officers analyze and exploit a full range of data to identify opportunities and strategies to guide and inform operations in support of the intelligence mission.

    As a Directorate of Operations (DO) Targeting Officer for the CIA, you will identify the people, relationships, and organizations having access to the information needed to address the most critical US foreign intelligence requirements and find opportunities to disrupt terrorist attacks, illegal arms trade, drug networks, cyber threats, and counterintelligence threats.  Targeting Officers are integral to the planning and implementation of DO foreign intelligence collection, counterintelligence, and covert action operations. You will combine specialized training, advanced analytic skills, the most sophisticated analytic tools available, and in-depth knowledge and experience in DO operational tradecraft to identify new opportunities for DO operational activity and to enhance ongoing operations.
  • Technical Targeting Analyst. Do you focus on technical details while maintaining the “big picture” outlook? In this role, you will be working in an environment where you can perform all source analysis and research to understand intelligence gaps and intelligence priorities. You will learn basic targeting and tradecraft to further enhance the CIA’s strength in fighting informational security breaches from our adversaries.

    As a Directorate of Science & Technology (DS&T) Technical Targeting Analyst for the CIA, you will enable the Agency to collect intelligence against our nation's highest priority threats in a global environment that is fast paced, technologically savvy, and often hostile. Technical Targeting Analysts unite technical operations and technical development activities to maximize our collection advantage.

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