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We invite you to get to know a few of the talented undergraduate and graduate students who qualified and were accepted to participate in one of the student programs at CIA. Quite possibly, they are just like you. They’re engineering students and English majors, and come from all backgrounds and geographic areas. But they all share one thing in common: they get to make a difference in the world and get a great start in their careers. And that’s exactly what they’re doing.


University of Florida, FL

As the intelligence briefer for the President, I travel with him domestically and overseas, identifying and prioritizing critical pieces of intelligence that keep him abreast of the latest developments. Before this, I had spent the majority of my 11-year career evaluating chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear terrorist threats. My career progression is a reflection of how the environment here provides the opportunity for employees to use their expertise in numerous ways. Still, no matter how many times I brief the President - on Air Force One, in the Oval Office or sitting on his couch at his ranch - it never, ever is routine.

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Grove City College, PA

I came to the CIA because of my desire to work at the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). I sent a resume to the NRO and my future boss called me for an interview over the phone. Shortly after, my file was transferred to the CIA - I had no idea I would be a CIA employee! My summer internship is in the Office of Policy at the NRO, where I do research and writing for web pages, educational CDs, exhibits and posters. My job includes the opportunity to travel with co-workers and attend classes on reconnaissance. But more importantly, I have earned respect and responsibility in this job, building my confidence in my career.

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Florida International University, FL

I applied to the Hispanic Association of College and Universities, seeking a government internship. I gained what has quickly become the greatest experience I have encountered when I was hired by the CIA - the Agency has so much to offer. A wealth of knowledge is packed into each tour. The best part is that, as a student, I have the chance to grow within this community. There are so many open doors that let you see, experience and understand the system. It's an opportunity that just doesn't exist in the private sector.

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University of Missouri, MO

My internship is in an applied engineering office. I've been able to use the engineering knowledge that I gained from my coursework to build devices that have a high potential of being deployed in actual operations. The work experience is unlike anything you could receive elsewhere. I've met with officers from the field, top officials and even shook hands with President Bush! The excitement of working for the CIA hasn't faded at all.

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College of the Holy Cross, MA

I'll be the first to admit that the hiring process was a bit stressful - a telephone interview, two trips to DC for a medical exam, polygraph, etc. and the long wait - but it was well worth it. My experience here has been incredible. I'm in my second tour and IÕve already gained the satisfaction of knowing I am contributing and working toward something important through my research and analysis. A typical assignment lets me research a topic through all available resources, including other groups and government agencies, decide how to disseminate what I've learned, and create a first draft, including graphics and related information. After editing, the work is done and can be disseminated to those who need it.

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Princeton University, NJ

I have had an incredible time at the CIA. I credit a lot of that to my first boss, who made me jump into things right away. I have spent almost a year and a half in the same office, giving me the opportunity to work as a regular analyst. I spend my days reading articles that come over the wires related to my particular focus area and writing on important pieces of information. I've done briefings and taken training classes. The best part of my job is without a doubt the people that I work with and this office. Everyone is laid back, yet willing to help and give encouragement, which has helped me gain confidence as an analyst.

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Posted: May 10, 2007 11:45 PM
Last Updated: Jul 18, 2013 01:32 PM