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Undergraduate Internships

The CIA’s paid Undergraduate Internships and Co-ops are outstanding opportunities for undergraduate students to obtain real-world experience and gain insight into the events that impact our nation and the world.

While there is no guarantee of full-time employment at the CIA after graduation, many of our best and brightest students find these experiences to be an ideal way to transition from academic life to national service.

Community college students are eligible to apply for the Undergraduate Scholarship Program and the Undergraduate Internship or Co-op Program. Although the majority of occupations require a four-year degree, there are also some opportunities open to individuals with a two-year associate degree, specifically in the support and information technology fields. Browse jobs by category to learn more and find a role that fits your skills and experience. If you anticipate going to a four-year undergraduate program and want to participate in one of our programs, you will need to provide your transcript with at least a 3.0 GPA and, eventually, proof of acceptance into a four-year degree program.

Application Deadlines

Although a deadline might be posted, you can submit your application at any time of year, except if you are applying for the Directorate of Operations Internship or our scholarship programs. It is essential to submit your application at least 12 months before your desired start date because, if you get an employment offer, we will need time to process your security clearance.

Use the categories below to learn more about the internship or co-op opportunity that’s right for you.


Those in analytic positions at the CIA are problem solvers and critical thinkers. In an analysis internship or co-op, you will learn how information is studied and evaluated to provide unique insights that help inform decisions – and ultimately protect our national security.

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Our clandestine experts strengthen national security and support foreign policy objectives. In a clandestine internship with the CIA, you will see firsthand how our dedicated professionals use their technical and specialized skills to help inform key decisions within the Agency.

Directorate of Operations Position

The Directorate of Operations Internship Program is available to first-year college students applying during their second semester. The deadline for applying is midnight (EDT) 15 March.

Technical Clandestine Positions

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Enterprise & Support

Enterprise and support professionals keep key CIA functions up and running at Headquarters and in locations worldwide. In an enterprise and support internship or co-op program, you can zero in on the area that interests you the most and learn how these skilled professionals provide the infrastructure and expertise necessary to support the Agency and its mission.

Business Management, Accounting, Finance



Arts, Design, Publishing and Production

Geography, Cartography, GIS

Education and Training

Human Resources


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Foreign Language

Foreign language experts are central to everything the CIA does – ensuring we stay one step ahead. In a foreign language internship or co-op, you will see how our language professionals contribute to our national security not just through speaking, translating and interpreting foreign languages, but also through having a deep understanding of cultural nuances.

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