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Code 1

Can you decipher this code? Here's a hint: Z=A; +=1; ~=10. Enter the message in the space below. Try to figure out the code without using the decryption tool for every letter. Can you think of a faster or easier way to solve this puzzle?

To use the decoder:

  1. Beginning with the first letter in the coded message, select it from the drop-down letter list.
  2. Press the Decode button.
  3. Enter the letter that appears in the Decode box in the long box next to the words Enter decoded message.
  4. Repeat the preceding for each letter in the order in which they appear. Be careful not to include any extra spaces, punctuation, or letters in your decoded message. Use all capital letters when entering your answer.
G S V   X V M G I Z O  
R M G V O O R T V M X V   Z T V M X B  
D Z H   X I V Z G V W   R M  
+ = $ &   D S V M  
K I V H R W V M G   G I F N Z M  
H R T M V W   G S V  
M Z G R L M Z O   H V X F I R G B   Z X G.

Enter Decoded Message:

Posted: May 10, 2007 08:38 PM
Last Updated: Mar 17, 2013 04:32 PM