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Mission: World Exploration

Hi. I'm Junior Officer Ava Shoephone, and I'm on a special top secret assignment from my bosses at CIA Headquarters. In order to complete my mission, I must travel to each region of the world — but I can't do it by myself.

Please help me complete it by answering the geography questions correctly. If you run into any problems along the way, hints from The World Factbook will help.

I'm counting on you. Good Luck!


Thank you for helping me to complete my mission. I’ll be going on another assignment soon, and I hope you’ll be here to help me again.


Congratulations on helping Junior Officer Ava Shoephone complete her mission.

If you'd like to play again, click on the button below. You'll be provided with some new questions and challenges. if you'd like to play a different game (either easier or harder), just select a different play level.

Headquarters, this is Ava Shoephone. My partner and I have just arrived in Africa. We’re taking a hike across the Sahara looking for clues in the sand that will lead us to Mr. Kent. Ava out.

Ava reporting. Mr. Kent seems to be moving one step ahead of us. An environmental researcher in Antarctica told us we just missed him. We are heading to Australia. Ava out.

Ava reporting. One of our contacts in Costa Rica saw Mr. Kent talking to a man from Beijing. So, we’re hoping to track him down in Asia. Ava out.

Ava reporting. We still have not made contact with Mr. Kent, but in his hotel room we found an invitation to a black-tie event in Venice, Italy. Ava out.

Ava reporting. A local shopper at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey overheard Mr. Kent saying he was going to Los Angeles, California to meet with an acquaintance. Ava out.

Ava reporting. We are heading back to South Asia. It looks like Mr. Kent is planning to stay a while in the region. Hopefully, we’ll meet up with him when we arrive there. Ava out.

Ava: final report. Mission complete! We have given Mr. Kent the information he needed for his next assignment. I’m on my way back to Headquarters for my debriefing. Ava out.

Posted: Feb 10, 2009 01:51 PM
Last Updated: Mar 28, 2019 04:44 PM