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Kids' Zone Privacy Statement


The Central Intelligence Agency established the CIA Kids’ Page in compliance with the President’s April 18, 1997, Memorandum for Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies [TXT 5.72KB], Subject: Expanding Access to Internet-based Educational Resources for Children, Teachers, and Parents.

We encourage parents and teachers to be involved in children’s Internet explorations. The CIA Kids’ Page provides information about the Central Intelligence Agency, as well as games and other fun activities for children and teenagers (and parents and teachers, too). We do not ask for nor do we collect any information regarding children’s visits to our homepage, beyond what is stated in our Privacy Notice. The information collected as described in that statement does not differentiate between adults and children.


Privacy Statement

The Central Intelligence Agency is committed to protecting your privacy, including on the CIA Kids’ Page. We will not collect any personal information unless you provide that information to us. Personal information includes your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. (For more information, visit our Privacy Notice.) Although we do not gather individually-identifiable information from visitors who navigate our site, we do use computer logs to count our visitors. We do not create individual profiles on our visitors or distribute any of our log information to other organizations.

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The CIA Kids’ Page is a gateway to other information resources. That means you can leave our site when you click on our list of links. We link only to the kids’ sites of other government agencies. We are not responsible for the content, information, and links provided on these sites. If you have questions, concerns, or comments on the content on these other sites, use the e-mail (contact) links provided on the site in question.

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Message to Kids – Let’s Be Careful on the Web

We link only to the kids’ sites of government agencies. We are not responsible for the information or links on these sites. If you visit Web sites that ask for personal information, show your parents or a responsible adult. Personal information includes your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Talk to your parents about why you should (or should not) provide this information. Remember that it’s important to be careful on the Internet.

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Message to Parents, Guardians, and Teachers

As stated, the CIA Kids’ Page is a gateway that can take your children to other sites from our links. We link only to the kids’ sites of other government agencies. While we have selected links that we feel offer reliable information and links, we are not responsible for the content provided on these sites. We cannot ensure that these other sites do not provide links to non-government sites; non-government Web sites do not adhere to federal rules to protect children’s privacy.

It is important that you monitor your children’s communication to ensure they do not provide personal information you feel may be unacceptable. Talk with your children about the importance of online safety and encourage them to ask you or another responsible adult when they have questions regarding this important issue.

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Security Notice

For site security purposes and to ensure this service remains available to everyone, we monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise damage our site. All visitors to expressly consent to such monitoring. However, only in the case of actual law enforcement investigations will we attempt to identify individual users or their online usage habits.

Unauthorized attempts to modify or damage are strictly prohibited and may be punishable by law.

For more information, visit the Security Notice.

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For More Information

If you have questions or comments regarding this Web site or if you would like more information, please contact the CIA Web information manager in our Office of Public Affairs:

Office of Public Affairs
Central Intelligence Agency
Washington, D.C. 20505

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