A Note About the Author

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Douglas J. MacEachin, the author of this monograph, was Deputy Director for Intelligence at the Central Intelligence Agency from March 1993 until June 1995. He joined the CIA in 1965 and, for the next 24 years, worked mainly on research and analysis of Soviet and European security affairs. He was Director of the Office of Soviet Analysis from 1984 until March 1989, when he became Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence for Arms Control.

Mr. MacEachin holds baccalaureate and master's degrees in economics from Miami University of Ohio. During the period 1964-65 he was a full-time member of the faculty there.

Comments may be directed to Mr. MacEachin at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, (617) 495-0816, where he currently is a CIA Officer in Residence, or to CIA's Center for the Study of Intelligence, (703) 351-2698, which published the monograph. Source documents cited in the paper can be obtained from the Center, CIA's Public Affairs Staff, or the National Archives.



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