22 Jan 46 President Truman signs memorandum establishing CIG, headed by DCI.

23 Jan 46 Adm. Sidney William Souers, US Naval Reserve, sworn in as first DCI.

10 Jun 46 Lt. Gen. Hoyt Sanford Vandenberg, USA (Army Air Forces), becomes second DCI.

8 Jul 46 NIA authorizes DCI to act as its executive agent in coordinating federal intelligence activities.

1 May 47 RAdm. Roscoe Henry Hillenkoetter, USN, becomes third DCI.

26 Jul 47 President Truman signs National Security Act.

18 Sep 47 CIA comes into existence.

1 Jan 49 Dulles-Jackson-Correa Report submitted to NSC.

13 Jan 49 Second Eberstadt Report (part of Hoover Commission Report) submitted.

7 Oct 50 Lt. Gen. Walter Bedell Smith, USA, becomes fourth DCI.

13 Nov 50 DCI Smith establishes Board and Office of National Estimates.

9 Apr 52 Term “Intelligence Community” first appears, in IAC minutes.

24 Oct 52 NSA established.

26 Feb 53 Allen Welsh Dulles becomes fifth DCI.

25 May 55 Clark Report submitted.

5 Aug 57 President Eisenhower sends memorandum to DCI urging active DCI coordination role and approving a deputy to the DCI for coordination.

15 Sep 58 USIB established.

15 Dec 60 Joint Study Group (Kirkpatrick) report on intelligence submitted.

18 Jan 61 NPIC established.

6 Sep 61 NRO established.

1 Oct 61 DIA established.

29 Nov 61 John Alex McCone becomes sixth DCI.

16 Jan 62 President Kennedy sends memorandum to DCI McCone stressing community role.

9 Sep 63 McCone creates NIPE Staff, under deputy to the DCI for NIPE.

28 Apr 65 VAdm. William Francis Raborn, Jr., becomes seventh DCI.

30 Jun 66 Richard McGarrah Helms becomes eighth DCI.

10 Mar 71 Schlesinger Report submitted.

5 Nov 71 President Nixon sends memorandum to DCI urging stronger community role.

1 Mar 72 NIPE Staff renamed IC Staff, and its chief is designated deputy to the DCI for the IC.

2 Feb 73 James Rodney Schlesinger becomes ninth DCI.

4 Sep 73 William Egan Colby becomes tenth DCI.

1 Oct 73 George Carver appointed first deputy to the DCI for national intelligence, heading a group of NIOs. Simultaneously, the Board and Office of National Estimates are disbanded.

10 Jun 75 Rockefeller Commission Report submitted.

27 Jun 75 Murphy Commission Report submitted.

13 Oct 75 Taylor Report submitted to DCI Colby.

15 Dec 75 Ogilvie Report submitted to President Ford.

30 Jan 76 George Herbert Walker Bush becomes eleventh DCI.

16 Feb 76 Village Voice begins serial publication of Pike Committee Report.

18 Feb 76 Executive Order 11905, United States Foreign Intelligence Activities, issued.

26 Apr 76 Church Committee Report published by Congress.

9 Mar 77 Adm. Stansfield Turner, USN, becomes twelfth DCI.

24 Jan 78 Executive Order 12036, United States Intelligence Activities, issued.

26 Sep 78 IC Staff splits into resource management and collection tasking units.

3 Dec 79 NIC established under chairmanship of Richard Lehman.

28 Jan 81 William Joseph Casey becomes thirteenth DCI.

12 Mar 81 IC Staff reunified under John Koehler, who is designated Director, IC Staff.

4 Dec 81 Executive Order 12333, United States Intelligence Activities, issued.

26 May 87 William Hedgcock Webster becomes fourteenth DCI.

29 May 91 Childs Report submitted to DCI Webster.

6 Nov 91 Robert Michael Gates becomes fifteenth DCI.

1 Jun 92 CMS established, headed by EXDIR/ICA..

1 Jun 92 DCI delegates responsibility for major collection disciplines, replacing DCI committees with offices in various community agencies: SIGINT Committee subordinated to director, NSA; CIA’s DDO designated National HUMINT Manager; Central Imagery Office formed in DOD; DIA director takes responsibility for MASINT; EXDIR/ICA takes responsibility for OSINT.

5 Feb 93 R. James Woolsey becomes sixteenth DCI.

10 May 95 John Mark Deutch becomes seventeenth DCI.

10 May 95 RAdm. Dennis C. Blair, USN, appointed first ADCI/MS.

1 Mar 96 Report of the Commission on the Roles and Capabilities of the United States Intelligence Community published.

4 Mar 96 IC21 Report published by HPSCI.

7 Mar 96 Legislation creates new positions of DDCI/CM and ADCIs for administration, collection, and analysis and production.

1 Oct 96 NIMA created, incorporating CIO, NPIC, and DMA.

11 Jul 97 George John Tenet becomes eighteenth DCI.

4 Jun 98 Charles E. Allen appointed ADCI/C by DCI; John C. Gannon appointed ADCI/A&P by DCI.

31 Jul 98 Joan A. Dempsey becomes first DDCI/CM, appointed by president.

4 Mar 99 James A. Simon becomes first ADCI/A, appointed by president.

15 Mar 01 First National Counterintelligence Executive named.

31 Aug 01 Scowcroft Commission interim report submitted to DCI.

10 Dec 02 Initial findings of the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities before and after the Terrorist Attacks of 11 September 2001 issued by SSCI and HPSCI.

24 Jan 03 Thomas J. Ridge become secretary of new Department of Homeland Security.

11 Mar 03 Stephen A. Cambone becomes under secretary of defense for intelligence.

1 May 03 TTIC created.

24 Nov 03 NIMA renamed NGA.

27 Jun 04 Larry Kindsvater becomes second DDCI/CM.

22 Jul 04 Report of National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (the “9/11” Commission) published.

27 Aug 04 Executive Order 13355, Strengthened Management of the Intelligence Community, issued.

24 Sep 04 Porter J. Goss becomes nineteenth DCI.

6 Dec 04 National Counterterrorism Center created.

17 Dec 04 President Bush signs the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act.

31 Mar 05 Report of the Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction published.

21 Apr 05 John D. Negroponte becomes first DNI.

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