Abbreviations and Acronyms


ACDA Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

ACIS Arms Control Intelligence Staff

ACSI Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence

ADCI Assistant Director of Central Intelligence

ADCI/MS Associate Director of Central Intelligence for Military Support

ADCI/A Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Administration

ADCI/A&P Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production

ADCI/C Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Collection

ADDO/MA Associate Deputy Director for Operations for Military Affairs

AEC Atomic Energy Commission

AFSA Armed Forces Security Agency

ASD/C3I Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence

ASD(I) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence

BNE Board of National Estimates

BOB Bureau of the Budget

CCDC Collection Concepts Development Center

CCPC Critical Collection Problems Committee

CEO Chief Executive Officer

CFI Committee on Foreign Intelligence

CIA Central Intelligence Agency

CIG Central Intelligence Group

CIO Central Imagery Office

CIO Chief Information Officer

CIPB Consolidated Intelligence Program Budget

CIRIS Consolidated Intelligence Resource Information System

CMO Central MASINT Organization

CMS Community Management Staff

CODA Community Operational Definition of the Agile Intelligence Enterprise

COINS Community On-line Information System

COMINT Communications Intelligence

COMIREX Committee on Imagery Requirements and Exploitation

COMOR Committee on Overhead Requirements

COSPO Community Open Source Program Office

CRES Collection Requirements and Evaluation Staff

CSI Center for the Study of Intelligence

CTC (DCI) Counterterrorist Center

DA Directorate of Administration

DARO Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office

DASD(I) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence

DCI Director of Central Intelligence

DCID Director of Central Intelligence Directive

DDA Deputy Director for Administration

DDCI Deputy Director of Central Intelligence

DDCI/CM Deputy Director of Central Intelligence for Community Management

D/DCI/IC Deputy to the Director of Central Intelligence for the Intelligence Community

DDI Deputy Director for Intelligence

DDO Deputy Director for Operations

DDS&T Deputy Director for Science and Technology

DEA Drug Enforcement Administration

DGI Director General of Intelligence

DHS Department of Homeland Security

DI Directorate of Intelligence

DIA Defense Intelligence Agency

DIEB Defense Intelligence Executive Board

DMA Defense Mapping Agency

DMI Director of Military Intelligence

DNI Director of National Intelligence

DO Directorate of Operations

DOD Department of Defense

DOE Department of Energy

DOJ Department of Justice

DS&T Directorate of Science and Technology

EDRB Expanded Defense Resources Board

ELINT Electronic Intelligence

E.O. Executive Order

EOB Executive Office Building (later OEOB, Old Executive Office Building)

ERDA Energy Research and Development Administration

EXDIR Executive Director

EXDIR/ICA Executive Director for Intelligence Community Affairs

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBIS Foreign Broadcast Information Service

FIA Future Imagery Architecture

FIRCAP Foreign Intelligence Requirements Categories and Priorities

FY Fiscal Year

GDIP General Defense Intelligence Program

HPSCI House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

HUMINT Human source intelligence

IAB Intelligence Advisory Board

IAC Intelligence Advisory Committee

IC Intelligence Community

ICAP Intelligence Community Assignment Program

ICAPS Interdepartmental Coordination and Planning Staff

IC MAP Intelligence Community Multi-intelligence Acquisition Program

IG Inspector General

IHC Information Handling Committee

IMINT Imagery intelligence

INR Bureau of Intelligence and Research

INT Intelligence collection discipline (e.g., SIGINT)

IO Information Operations

IOB Intelligence Oversight Board

IPC Intelligence Producers Council

IPRG Intelligence Program Review Group

IRAC Intelligence Resources Advisory Council

IW Information Warfare

JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff

JMIP Joint Military Intelligence Program

JROC Joint Requirements Oversight Council

JSEC Joint Security Executive Committee

KEP KIQ Evaluation Program

KIQ Key Intelligence Question

MASINT Measurement and Signature Intelligence

MIB Military Intelligence Board

MRB Mission Requirements Board

NCTC National Counterterrorism Center

NFAC National Foreign Assessment Center

NFIB National Foreign Intelligence Board

NFIP National Foreign Intelligence Program

NGA National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

NHRTC National HUMINT Requirements Tasking Center

NIA National Intelligence Authority

NIC National Intelligence Council

NICB National Intelligence Collection Board

NIE National Intelligence Estimate

NIMA National Imagery and Mapping Agency

NIO National Intelligence Officer

NIP National Intelligence Program

NIPB National Intelligence Production Board

NIPE National Intelligence Programs Evaluation

NIPF National Intelligence Priorities Framework

NIRB National Intelligence Resources Board

NIT National Intelligence Topic

NITC National Intelligence Tasking Center

NPC (DCI) Nonproliferation Center

NPIC National Photographic Interpretation Center

NRO National Reconnaissance Office

NRP National Reconnaissance Program

NRRB National Reconnaissance Review Board

NSA National Security Agency

NSC National Security Council

NSCIC National Security Council Intelligence Committee

NSCID National Security Council Intelligence Directive

NSD National Security Directive

NSR National Security Review

OMB Office of Management and Budget

ONE Office of National Estimates

ONI Office of Naval Intelligence

OPC Office of Policy Coordination

OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense

OSINT Open Source Intelligence

OSO Office of Special Operations

OSS Office of Strategic Services

PBCFIA President’s Board of Consultants on Foreign Intelligence Activities

PDB President’s Daily Brief

PDD Presidential Decision Directive

PFIAB President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board

PNIO Priority National Intelligence Objective

PRC(I) Policy Review Committee (Intelligence)

PRM Presidential Review Memorandum

SAE Senior Acquisition Executive

SAVA Special Assistant for Vietnamese Affairs

SEO Security Evaluation Office

SIG-I Senior Interagency Group—Intelligence

SIGINT Signals Intelligence

SSCI Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

S&T Science and Technology

TIARA Tactical Intelligence and Related Activities

TOD Target-Oriented Display

TTIC Terrorist Threat Integration Center

USA United States Army

USAF United States Air Force

USCIB United States Communications Intelligence Board

USDI Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence

USIB United States Intelligence Board

USMC United States Marine Corps

USN United States Navy


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