Appendix B

CIA Organization and Functions

The Office of National Estimates


Central Intelligence Agency
Organization and Functions

  1. The attached organization chart or the Central Intelligence Agency is effective 1 December 1950.


  2. The attached organization charts of the component units and statements of their functions are also effective 1 December 1950. However these are subject to study by and comments of Assistant Directors and become finally effective 1 January 1951, unless you are notified of any changes.


  3. All previous organization charts and statements of functions in conflict with this directive are rescinded.


  4. No portion of this document may be reproduced, or distributed outside of CIA, without prior approval of the Deputy Director or the Director.


  5. The Deputy Director for Administration is designated as the Agency Executive for the purpose of exercising those Agency powers specifically delegated by law to the Executive.
    /s/Walter B. Smith
    Walter B. Smith
    Director of Central Intelligence

Office of National Estimates

  1. Mission
    The Assistant Director for National Estimates is charged with (1) initiating, directing the production of, and producing national estimates, (2) evaluating current intelligence circulated by CIA outside the Agency and (3) assisting the Director of Central Intelligence in the coordination of intelligence relating to the national security and in providing for its appropriate dissemination.
  2. Functions
  3. The General functions of the Assistant Director for National Estimates are two: (A) Estimative; (B) Coordinative.
    1. Estimative Functions
      1. Suggest to the Director of Central Intelligence amendments and additions to the schedule of priorities set by IAC and carry out any schedule of priorities as cleared by IAC to the extent of (a) alerting the IAC agencies to the accepted schedule of priorities and sudden changes which may be made therein, (b) assigning responsibilities within IAC agencies, (c) programming in consideration of the workload of the IAC agencies, and (d) setting and maintaining deadlines.


      2. Initiate estimates: (a) by direction of the IAC or (b) by direction of the Director of Central Intelligence or his deputy, or (c) by his own decision pending clearance in CIA and/or IAC, or (d) at the suggestion of representatives of the IAC agencies pending clearance in CIA and IAC.


      3. Direct the production of estimates through the establishment of appropriate interdepartmental arrangements. This will involve:


        1. Drafting the terms of reference for any given estimate.


        2. Calling a meeting of representatives of the IAC agencies concerned in the production of the estimate at hand.


        3. Discussing and fixing at such meetings the final terms of reference.


        4. Assigning responsibility for substantive contributions from the IAC agencies.


        5. Assuming or assigning responsibility for the initial drafting of the estimate.


        6. Clearing the final draft with the contributing IAC agencies.
      4. Produce national estimates. (This will involve taking responsibility for a final draft of any estimate to go forward to the Director of Central Intelligence and IAC even though disagreements among contributing agencies cannot be resolved.)


      5. Be responsible for all evaluative comment on items of current intelligence which are circulated by CIA outside the Agency. (It is assumed that responsibility for evaluations on Office of Special Operations raw intelligence will rest with the Office of Special Operations so long as the evaluations are confined to the probable reliability of the source.)


      6. Direct the operation of a current intelligence staff which will support the above functions and which will continue the issuance of the Daily Summary.


      7. Provide for oral briefings and presentation service for the Agency.
    2. Coordinative Functions
      1. Recommend to the Assistant Director for Intelligence Coordination on coordination matters relating to the production of national estimates.

      Chart Office of National Estimates/Central Intelligence Agency

      CIA Regulation No.70 1 December 1950

      The IAC was the Intelligence Advisory Committee, which from 1947 to 1950 was referred to as the Intelligence
      Advisory Board (IAB). For the composition fan function of this body see note 15 on page 51.]

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