Acronyms and Abbreviations

AFSA Armed Forces Security Agency, 1949-52

ASA Army Security Agency (US Army), from 1945

CIA Central Intelligence Agency, from 1947

CIG Central Intelligence Group, 1946-47

CPUSA Communist Party of the United States

DCI Director of Central Intelligence, from 1946

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation

GRU Chief Directorate for Intelligence, Red Army General Staff

G-2 Military Intelligence Division (US Army)

HCUA House Committee on Un-American Activities, US Congress

IIC Interdepartmental Intelligence Conference

JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff

KGB Committee for State Security, from 1954

MGB Ministry for State Security, 1946-47, 1952-53

MID Military Intelligence Division (see G-2)

NIA National Intelligence Authority, 1946-47

NKGB Peoples Commissariat for State Security, 1943-46

NKVD Peoples Commissariat for Internal Affairs, 1934-43

NSA National Security Agency, from 1952

NSC National Security Council, from 1947

NSCID National Security Council Intelligence Directive

OGPU Unified State Political Directorate, 1923-34

ONI Office of Naval Intelligence

OSS Office of Strategic Services, 1942-45

SSA Signals Security Agency, US Army, 1942-45

USCIB United States Communications Intelligence Board, 1946-58 

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