Vol. 62 No. 2


Unclassified extracts from Studies in Intelligence Volume 62, Number 2
(June 2018)


Intelligence Today and Tomorrow

A Personal Perspective
*Intelligence and Policy: The Case for Thin Walls as Seen by a Veteran of INR [PDF 376KB**]
Bowman H. Miller, PhD

Historical Perspectives

Old Man Ho
*The OSS Role in Ho Chi Minh’s Rise to Political Power [PDF 2.1MB**]
Bob Bergin

Reflecting on History
*"A Road Not Taken": But a Road to Where? [PDF 377KB**]
Thomas L. Ahern

From the Studies Archive
*CIA Analysis of the 1967 Arab-Israeli War  [PDF 632KB**]
David S. Robarge

Intelligence in Public Media

The Ghosts of Langley: Into the CIA’s Heart of Darkness [PDF 240KB**]
Reviewed by Hayden Peake

The Future is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia
The Long Hangover: Putin’s New Russia and the Ghosts of the Past [PDF 206MB**]
Reviewed by John Ehrman

The Exile: The Stunning Inside Story of Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda in Flight [PDF 286KB**]
Reviewed by Randy Burkett

Hollywood’s Spies: The Undercover Surveillance of Nazis in Los Angeles
Hitler in Los Angeles: How Jews Foiled Plots Against Hollywood and America [PDF 225KB**]
Reviewed by David A. Foy

In the Enemy’s House: The Secret Saga of the FBI Agent and the Code Breaker Who Caught the Russian Spies [PDF 229KB**]
Reviewed by David A. Foy

Dirty War: Rhodesia and Chemical Biological Warfare, 1975–1980 [PDF 207KB**]
Reviewed by Ryan Shaffer

The Saboteur: The Aristocrat Who Became France’s Most Daring Anti-Nazi Commando [PDF 230KB**]
Reviewed by Leslie C.

The Death of Stalin [PDF 224KB**]
Reviewed by John Kavanagh

Need to Know [PDF 210KB**]
Reviewed by John Ehrman

Intelligence Officer’s Bookshelf [PDF 421KB**]
Compiled and reviewed by Hayden Peake

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Thomas Ahern is a retired CIA operations officer, who has been serving as a contract historian on the CIA History Staff. He is the author of multiple works on the wars in Southeast Asia.

Bob Bergin is a retired foreign service officer with interest in Asian and aviation history.

Randy Burkett serves on the CIA history staff. His past assignments have included service on the faculty of the Naval Postgraduate School.

James Burridge is a retired NSA officer. He is a CIA contract historian and frequent reviewer of books and movies.

John Ehrman is a senior analyst in CIA’s Directorate of Analysis focusing on counterintelligence. He is a frequent and award-winning contributor.

David A. Foy is the Intelligence Community historian on the History Staff of the Center for the Study of Intelligence. He is a frequent contributor of book reviews.

John Kavanagh is a retired CIA operations officer and frequent reviewer.

Bowman H. Miller, PhD. is a member of the faculty of the National Intelligence University. He has been teaching graduate courses in intelligence-related subjects since retiring in 2005 from the Department of State, where he had served in the Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) for 25 years.

Hayden Peake has served in the CIA’s Directorates of Operations and Science and Technology. He has been compiling and writing reviews for the “Intelligence Officer’s Bookshelf” since December 2002.

David Robarge is CIA’s Chief Historian.

Leslie S. is a career CIA Directorate of Operations officer with an interest in the history of intelligence.

Ryan Shaffer is a writer and historian. His academic work explores Asian, African and European history.

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