Volume 53, Number 3


Unclassified extracts from Studies in Intelligence Volume 53, Number 3 (September 2009)


Improving Homeland Security at the State Level
Needed: State-level, Integrated Intelligence Enterprises

Dr. James E. Steiner [PDF 124.8KB*]

Thinking About the Business of Intelligence:
What the World Economic Crisis Should Teach Us

Carmen Medina and Rebecca Fisher [PDF 67.7KB*]

In Gratitude to the Crews of Air America:
A Speech to an Air America Symposium

Craig W. Duehring [PDF 86KB*]


Intelligence in Public Literature

The Horse Soldiers: The Extraordinary Story of a Band of US Soldiers Who Rode to Victory in Afghanistan [PDF 29KB*]
Reviewed by J.R. Seeger

Memorias de un Soldado Cubano:
Vida y Muerte de la Revolucion
[PDF 29KB*]
Reviewed by Juan

Strategic Intelligence: A Handbook for Practitioners, Managers and Users[PDF 41KB*]
Reviewed by Peter C. Oleson

The Intelligence Officer’s Bookshelf [PDF 115 KB*]
Compiled and Reviewed by Hayden B. Peake


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Craig W. Duehring is Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Manpower and Reserve Affairs. During the war in Southeast Asia he served in the US Air Force as a pilot flying forward air control missions.

Rebecca Fisher is a researcher and analyst in the Center for the Study of Intelligence.

Juan is the pen name of a senior National Clandestine Service officer.

Carmen Medina is the Director of CIA’s Center for the Study of Intelligence and chairs the Studies in Intelligence Editorial Board. She served as an analyst in the Directorate of Intelligence and was an Associate Deputy Director for Intelligence.

Peter C. Oleson has held senior positions in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and in the DIA. He has taught at CIA University. He is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland University College.

Hayden Peake is the Curator of the Historical Intelligence Collection. He has served in the Directorate of Operations and the Directorate of Science and Technology.

J. R. Seeger is a retired National Clandestine Service officer with service in Central and South Asia.

James E. Steiner teaches at State University of New York at Albany. He retired from CIA after 36 years of service in national intelligence n 2005. He has since been an adviser to the Department of Homeland Security and New York State’s Office of Homeland Security.

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