Volume 55, Number 2


Unclassified extracts from Studies in Intelligence Volume 55, Number 2 (June 2011)



Improving Analysis
*Cultural Topography: A New Research Tool for Intelligence Analysis
Jeannie L. Johnson and Matthew T. Berrett

Improving Policymaker Understanding of Intelligence
*An Educated Consumer Is Our Best Customer
Dennis C. Wilder

Coming to Clarity
*The Pursuit of Intelligence History: Methods, Sources, and Trajectories in the United Kingdom

[PDF 442.0KB**]
Christopher R. Moran

From the Archives—At only.
*The Evolution of US Army HUMINT: Intelligence Operations in the Korean War
[PDF 152.0KB**]
John P. Finnegan


Intelligence in Public Literature

Grappling with Covert Action after the Cold War [PDF 29.5KB**]
Matthew P.

Takes on Intelligence and the Vietnam War [PDF 58.1KB**]
Clayton Laurie

Intelligence Officer’s Bookshelf [PDF 162.2KB**]
Compiled and reviewed by Hayden Peake


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Matthew Berrett is the Assistant Deputy Director for the DNI President’s Daily Brief. He has served as an analyst and manager of analysts covering Middle East issues in the CIA’s Directorate of Intelligence.

Jeannie Johnson is a lecturer in the Political Science Department at Utah State University. Ms. Johnson worked in the CIA’s Directorate of Intelligence on Balkans issues during 1998–99. Her primary research interest, strategic culture, is the role of national and organizational cultures on the formation of security policy.

Clayton Laurie is a CIA historian. He also teaches military and intelligence history at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Dr. Christopher R. Moran is a research scholar at the University of Warwick. He focuses on the development of government secrecy in Cold War Britain. Interests include spy fiction and growth of intelligence communities in the 20th century.

Hayden Peake is curator of the CIA Historical Intelligence Collection. He has served in the CIA’s Directorates of Science and Technology and the Directorate of Operations.

Matthew P. is a clandestine service officer assigned to the CIA History Staff.

Dennis Wilder is a senior officer in the CIA’s Directorate of Intelligence. He has served as an analyst, a manager of analysts, a Special Assistant to the President and Senior East Asia Director on the National Security Council, and a senior reviewer of the President’s Daily Briefing.

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John P. Finnegan was a US Army historian who focused on military intelligence history. He died two years after his unclassified article appeared in a classified issue of Studies in 2000. Unfortunately, it was not extracted for an unclassified issue at the time.

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