Vol. 56 No. 1



Unclassified extracts from Studies in Intelligence Volume 56, Number 1 (March 2012)


Products or Outputs?
*Probing the Implications of Changing the Outputs of Intelligence
[PDF 197.7KB**]
2011 Analyst-IC Associate Teams Program

Following Trends and Triggers:
*Estimating State Instability
[PDF 600.0KB**]
J. Eli Margolis


Intelligence in Public Literature

The Glomar Explorer in Film and Print Reviews [PDF 50.2KB**]
Reviewed by David Robarge

No More Secrets: Open Source Information and the Reshaping of U.S. Intelligence [PDF 19.8KB**]
Reviewed by Anthony Olcott

KLO ui Hangukchon Pisa [Secret History of the KLO in the Korean War] [PDF 34.8KB**]
Reviewed by Stephen C. Mercado

Bloodmoney [PDF 20.5KB**]
Reviewed by Michael Bradford

Intelligence Officer’s Bookshelf [PDF 157.5KB**]
Compiled and reviewed by Hayden Peake

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Michael Bradford is the penname of a National Clandestine Service officer who has contributed several reviews of fictional works on intelligence.

J. Eli Margolis is a Defense Intelligence Agency officer stationed in East Asia.

Anthony Olcott is a senior open source analyst assigned to the Center for the Study of Intelligence Emerging Trends Program. He is the author of the recently published Open Source Intelligence in a Networked World.

Stephen C. Mercado is a senior analyst and linguist in the DNI Open Source Center. He focuses on East Asia. He is a frequent contributor of articles and reviews of books published in Asia.

David Robarge is the CIA’s Chief Historian and a frequent contributor to Studies.

Hayden Peake is the Curator of the CIA’s Historical Intelligence Collection. He has served in the Directorate of Science and Technology and the Directorate of Operations.

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