Studies in Intelligence - Winter 1998-1999

Winter 1998-1999


Feature Article

An Intelligence Success Story
The U-2 Program: The DCI's Perspective . . . George J. Tenet

A "Hot" Front in the Cold War
The U-2 Program: A Russian Officer Remembers . . . Alexander Orlov



Jed Team Frederick
1944: An Allied Team With the French Resistance . . . . Robert R. Kehoe

Mornings in Pacific Palisades
Ronald Reagan and the President's Daily Brief . . . . Richard J. Kerr and Peter Dixon Davis

The CIA and Double Demnology
Calling the Sino-Soviet Split . . . . Harold P. Ford

Valuable Source
The Civil War: Black American Contributions to Union Intelligence . . . P.K. Rose

Looking for a Rogue Elephant
The Pike Committee Investigations and the CIA . . . . Gerald K. Haines

Lessons Unlearned
The CIA's Internal Probe of the Bay of Pigs Affair . . . . Michael Warner

A Key Player Looks Back
Reflections of a Cold Warrior: From Yalta to the Bay of Pigs . . . . by Richard M. Bissell, Jr.; Book reviewed by H. Bradford Westerfield



A New Doctrine
Planning Satellite Reconnaissance to Support Military Operations . . . . Thomas Behling and Kenneth McGruther



COVER IMAGE:  An Intelligence Success Story: "The U-2 Program: DCI's Perspective"



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