Historical Intelligence Documents: From COI to CIG

documents establishing COI and CIG,
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    HOLD F'"R ItiMEASE     H(`rJ FO?'. FELEASE   JUNE 1.3, 1942        
      The following stLtecent i.^. -or release tc ediLions of          
Document 3   _ll ne: sp; appearinC or. Lhe streets ACT i;AALIEP THAN S:?0 p.m., _.. .. , .:rfu-day, June 13, =9a.    
    The same release also applies to radio announcers and news °_onmenta-ors.          
                  STEFHEN Er;RLY Secretary to the President              
    -lie President. today signed an Executive Order consolidating, in one net,., agency the information functions of the Government - fcreign >znd domestic.    
    The new agency will be knc~m as the Office of War Inforsna.ion. It will be divided into two main divisions. The first gill deal with the ;isseminatior, of i-iformation -iithin the United States. The second •.-fill deal with the. dissemination of information in all fcreiCn countries, except Latin America.  
    Into the new agency will be consolidated all of the functions and duties of th;; i'cllc-j:ing existing informational agencies: ,he Office or' Facts and Figures; the Office of Government Reports; the Division of Information in the Office for R.iergency Management; the Foreign. Lnfcrmaticn Service cf the office o- tire Coordinator of Information.
    In additir-n, the Di:ector of the new office of War InfcrmaLion will have authority, su,_Jest to policies laid down 'by the ?resident, to issue directives to L-11 departments and agencies of the '~~c;aernment with respect to their infcrma-icual services. He will have full au'aori+.y to eliminate all cverlafning r_nd duplication and to c'.isccntirn=:: in my ee-artinent any informational .c!,ivity which is not necessary or useful to the war effort.
    'l"rile the zc•.ual irforma,.=ion service of the different ~ecartments and agency•:s Trill ccntinu:: to remain with such departments :nd agencies, their infer°ation::l activities must conform. to the ^irectives i~isaed by the Director cf the Office of t4ar Information.
    Th: existing Office of Coordinator of Information (exclusive of the Foreign Information Service) is boing trrnsferred to the Joint Chief; of' Staff to operate directly under their supervision.   Its name is beinb changed -.o the Office cf strategic Services, and. it will ccn'.im:e +.o per^err, its functions of ccliccting secret and str~:tegic information in foreign countries and nerfcrming general miscellaneous: ;trater;ic services abroad, oth--r thz.n the dissemination of infcr
    ty radio, leeflets, etc. These information functions in :crei.7 countries will become pert cf thi fureticns of the new i;ency - the Office of '&-jr Information; end the appropri-:to staff •i-l be transferrsi to the new agency for this purpose.        
    7o assist the Director of the Office of War-Infcrilaticn, _ =c::_-,ittee on '~:'ar Information Pcl_cy will Le astL:blish-;d. The Director   be the Chairman cf this ccrmittee; other members of -he cc-r:ittee art: set .''crLh in -.h3 FxsCULive Order. This committee i1= ?crn.i~a`.e basic -)clici, s and plans or wt.r information; but the _-ctcr, after ccnsu:taticn c;ith such cor_-nittee, rill hove full pc,-ar :-s ,he ex-2cltlve he, d cf the new agency.    

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