Cuban missile crisis, 1962, value of photo intelligence,

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to nearby power generators. And it concluded that the Soviets were trying to camouflage their efforts at the sites.  Khrushchev red-handed. There could be no question of the validity of the US charges. But the President knew he was running out of time: the MRBMs would become operational on 28 October.  
The USSR's measured response to the quarantine was of critical importance to the President's restrained approach to the crisis. No ships with prohibited or even questionable cargoes had tried to run the blockade. The shootdown of Major Anderson had brought the US to the brink of a retaliatory strike against military targets in Cuba, but the President remained determined to force Soviet compliance with US demands on terms short of war. Intelligence had given him the information he needed to catch       
 Messages from Khrushchev    
 On 26 October, Khrushchev sent President Kennedy first one message, then another. The first couched the Soviet Union's conditions for the withdrawal of its missiles and bombers from Cuba in terms of a

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