Alias George Wood

Fritz Kolbe (alias George Wood) espionage services,
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George Wood

checking up on him.   In OSS London and Washington the case was handled from the inception as an X-2--counterintelligence--matter, both because Kolbe might be acting under German intelligence control and because some of his information could be put to counterintelligence use.   It was to be many months before any of it was put to any other use.
After sending to London and Washington the most important of the information, Dulles cabled on 3 September that for security reasons he would hold off with the rest, pending the outcome of the investigations into "Wood's" bona fides and the authenticity of the material. On 14 September he resumed.5 Thus he had scarcely finished dealing with all of it before more came--a letter from Kolbe to L[ieber] Dr. K[ocherthaler] written on 16 September and enclosing a few Foreign Office telegrams and a proper professional map of the Rastenburg area to correct a minor error in the sketch he had drawn.
The letter, four pages typed in single space, gave the daily schedule of the special train Berlin-Rastenburg, reported bomb damage to the Schweinfurt ball bearing plant, suggested other air targets, gave the locations of concentration camps, surveyed the loyalties--to Badoglio or Mussolini--of Italian missions abroad, paraphrased a Hitler decree on punishment of turncoat Italians, summarized a number of incoming telegrams, including one each from Tangiers and Lisbon giving purported intelligence on Allied invasion plans, and told what was being said about coming to terms with the Russians and about the "fabled secret weapon": according to reliable information it's just bluff. Kolbe apologized for typos and bad construction: "I write these lines in wild haste, scanning the material with one eye and typing it with the other hand." He requested acknowledgement by the phrase "Greetings from Hektor," begged that everything be burned "immediately after reading," and signed with a typed George M.
More Documents, More Doubts
On 9 October Dulles cabled cryptically that he had just got some 200 pages of alpha and since they were no longer sure of beta it would take weeks to handle. He was now fully convinced of delta after yesterday's gamma and from internal evidence.   A great deal of
5 Whether in response to some kind of go-ahead from the investigators is not clear. The kappa cables filed in OSS archives under #80829 (Wash-R&C-37 and 77) include no Washington Out messages before 20 October 1943, when the code word was adopted.


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