Alias George Wood

Fritz Kolbe (alias George Wood) espionage services,
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George Wood


curing certain Japanese goods which were much in demand and wondered if perhaps they were available in Germany.12
Kolbe had said that Dr. Bur would arrive shortly and call on Kocherthaler, identifying himself as Dr. Jean. He was doing research
on the use of color film for medi


cal purposes, and it would be easy for him to bring in undeveloped rolls of document negatives disguised among his own supply. Somehow this plan fell through, and it was another six months before film became the communications medium. In the meantime Wood sent six letters through the now standard Schuepp-Kocherthaler channel, with slight variations. He had, however, been told
that documents proper were much more valuable than the gist of them
wrapped in a survey of the world situation, so these letters contained a higher proportion of verbatim texts, either copied (mostly in script, some typed) or clipped from the originals, with his notations on the back and in the margins.
Resistance and Reporting
The first of these letters, dated 10 May, was brought directly to Kocherthaler by former Consul General Mackeben, now a private businessman.   He is more or less of our leaning, Kolbe wrote, it's a question of taking the last step.   He doesn't know what's in the letter but is willing to bring back a package.   If you're pleased with my work send Nescafé and cigarettes.   I'll smoke them myself, so let there be something in them. The package will not be subject to inspection at
12 That the card was actually sent at this time is not certain; Wood's subsequent communications do not particularly reflect the priority. The Special Branch memorandum of 6 May said that procurement of the Tokyo attachés' reports had been in response to an earlier request for Far East material; but if this were the case Dulles would not have been likely to cable them in only after almost all the European material had been sent, more than two weeks after receiving them.


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