Alias George Wood

Fritz Kolbe (alias George Wood) espionage services,
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George Wood

the border. If you don't want any more material send a pair of shears.
He said the Swiss in Berlin were refusing him further visas and asked whether D&M Co. could help and to let him know. Maybe he could get to Stockholm or Madrid. Or could they use the Unter-Ehnheim contact, sending someone with the password "Strassburg goose liver"?
He declared his resistance circle was making progress, but it was frantic work. "In a few days I may have another chance to send a letter. I'll use it even if, like this, it's in the wee hours of the morning and after an air raid. Excuse the uneven style . . . I'm so busy I don't know what I'm doing.   A frightful life.   Even my girl friend of many years complains that I don't have time to bother with her; yet I'm very fond of her." Fatigue apparently sharpened his impatience with the lack of evident results from his work: transmitting details on the wolfram smuggling still going on from Spain, he wrote, "When are you going to wake up?"
A reply was drafted, to constitute the "something" in the cigarettes, suggesting that if he used the excuse of having to see his father-in-law, a Dr. Schoop, in Zürich to further his divorce they might be able to help with the Swiss visa. But on 20 May, before it was dispatched, Kocherthaler got a telegram: "PLEASE NO CIGARETTES. GEORG." In the next letter, 27 June, Kolbe apologized for any disquiet the telegram may have caused: "But it looked really dangerous. These haven't been nice days for me.   Now suspicion seems to have been dissipated."   He again suggested a message in the Times or over the BBC. Then after the 20 July attempt, ". . . Dr. Sauerbruch has riskily--but, it seems and I hope, successfully--interceded on behalf of the condemned former Counselor Kiep.   Heads are rolling for fair here nowl  Von Mum has been executed.   Gördeler is to be arrested at once; I'll try to warn him.   Sauerbruch thinks we're all done for and that's especially true for him and me. Perhaps he's right."
In August, inmingled with copies of Foreign Office telegrams, he wrote, "I am keeping my resistance movement alive, in spite of 20 July. The thing now is to improvise, not organize. . . . This is the way I figure it. The Russians will drive to the Oder. At that time the Americans will land parachute troops in Berlin. . . . On the critical day I'll be in position with from 30 to 100 men.   Can't I get by radio


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