Alias George Wood

Fritz Kolbe (alias George Wood) espionage services,
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George Wood


He would bring with him the most important of the documents. You can easily imagine the great risks he ran. An accident could happen on Berlin's blacked-out streets. Or an alert could force him to take shelter, brief case bulging with documents, in some cellar somewhere. If he were hurt the brief case would be opened, his pockets searched . . .
Inside the concrete protection of the Klinik building we worked over the documents until late at night. Sometimes he would start photographing them right away, fastening them with clips on a piece of cardboard well exposed to the daylight or under several electric lamps. He had an excellent little camera which took 2x2 cm. frames with great precision. I did all I could to help him.




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Posted: May 08, 2007 08:05 AM
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