Roderick 'Steve' Hall

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"Steve" Hall


Bolzano, 1 July 1945
[Deposition of] Heinz Andergassen: 3
If Capt. Hall was ever subjected to "special" interrogation I do not know . . . If he were to be interrogated the hard way, I think that my presence as well as the presence of Albert Storz and Schiffer's secretary, Miss Christa Roy, was required. . . .
I think that one or two days before Captain Hall's death Schiffer told me and Storz that he wanted to get rid of the prisoner. . . . I knew that Schiffer, having told me that he wanted to make the prisoner disappear, would have done it. . . . Schiffer . . . used to tell us how he got rid of prisoners in Trieste. Among other stories, he told us that one time ... he went into a cell and cut a prisoner's veins at the wrist and then threw the glass on the floor so that it would have seemed that the prisoner had committed suicide. He also told us that many times he had strangled prisoners with his own hands. Of course, I do not know whether Schiffer really killed so many people by himself or had some of his men do it.
Schiffer told me, I believe the same day, that the prisoner had asked to be released to go to the Allied command where he would have been able to stop the bombings of Bolzano. If Hall really made such a proposition or had ever written a document on this, I do not know; . . . I know [only] that he was afraid of the bombings of the city ...
I think that on 19 February 1945 Schiffer called me and Storz to his office at about noon time. I cannot remember any more if Miss Roy was in his office; anyway Schiffer and his friend Master of Gendarmerie Hans Butz were there. Schiffer gave Storz and me the order to go to the cell where Hall was and get him. Storz and I immediately went ... ; on the way Storz stopped to get a key to the cell that he had on his desk. Schiffer had taken out of a box which was locked in his desk a pair of handcuffs, which he gave to me or to Storz.   Schiffer and Butz went straight to the machine-room, while
3 Details have been added in two or three places from a similar statement by Albert Storz.


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