With Vandenberg as DCI (Part II)

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Vandenberg as DCI


what proved to be its last meeting with General Vandenberg as DCI. The DCI directive, he explained, which did not require IAB approval, had been gone over by ICAPS and their ad hoc committee and the latter's recommendations accepted. There should be no further need for extensive discussion. The requirement was urgent. The NIA directive regarding collection should be completed and put into effect.
But there was further discussion. Should collectors in the field make their reports on duplicating mats or not? Should political intelligence be listed separately from economic intelligence, after having been bracketed with it in the State Department for years? Mr. Eddy asked for State that the section in the DCI directive concerning the allocation of primary responsibilities be incorporated in the NIA directive. General Vandenberg consented. With it was included a provision that collectors in the field might send copies to their own agencies when they transmitted materials directly to the field representatives of the agencies primarily concerned.
The IAB adjourned without taking a vote, but the final draft of the directive went to the members individually. By the end of the month all had approved without further change. It was issued on January 2, 1947, as Directive No. 7 of the National Intelligence Authority.
There was no mention in the directive of the Central Intelligence Group nor of the Director of Central Intelligence. The several members of the IAB bad obtained control over the collection of intelligence for their departments, except for the secret intelligence of OSO and the collections of the Foreign Broadcast Intelligence and Contact branches in the Office of Operations. Vandenberg let the directive pass. He might have withheld his approval formally, but there was no point in arguing further with the chiefs of intelligence. He was about to take his case up to the secretaries in the NIA.
Now that the general matter of collection had been settled for the time being, the specific question of collection in China perhaps could be answered. This had been proposed as an area in which to try out the coordination of collection. As a member of the IAB under Admiral Souers, General Vandenberg had urged that the Strategic Services Unit which was keeping alive the secret operations of OSS be kept at work in China until it could be replaced, as it now was by


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