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Krasnaya Zvezda, Moscow, 17 November 1971
Colonel Rudolf Ivanovich Abel, one of the oldest Chekists, a well-known Soviet Intelligence officer, distinguished employee of the organs of State Security, and member of the CPSU since 1931, died after a serious illness in his 69th year.
R.I. Abel was assigned to work in the organs of the OGPU in accordance with a Komsomol levy in 1927. From then on, for a period of nearly 45 years, he faultlessly carried out complex tasks in the maintenance of our Motherland's security in various sectors of Chekist activity. Rudolf Ivanovich proved to be a daring, experienced intelligence officer and capable leader. He was always distinguished by love of the Motherland, a high sense of duty, party principle, impartiality, and honor.
Being abroad, working there in complicated and difficult circumstances, R.I. Abel displayed exceptional patriotism, tenacity, and steadfastness. His high moral character and manly conduct are widely known, evoking a deep response and arousing sympathy through-out the world.
The Communist Party and the Soviet government highly esteemed the services of R.I. Abel, conferring upon him the Order of Lenin, three Orders of the Red Banner, two Orders of the Red Banner of Labor, and the order of the Red Star, and many medals.
Rudolf Ivanovich remained at his combat post until the very last days. He contributed all his strength and knowledge to that honorable cause to which he had dedicated all his magnificent life. He devoted considerable attention to the training of a younger generation of Chekists, transmitting to them his rich experience and indicating the qualities inherent in the first Chekist-Leninist F.E. Dzerzhinski.


Great personal charm, modesty, simplicity, and a sympathetic nature won Rudolf Ivanovich universal esteem and well-deserved authority.
The bright memory of Rudolf Ivanovich will be preserved forever in our hearts.
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