Agency Page The Enigma of Soviet BW
The Enigma of Soviet BW. By Wilton E. Lexow and Julian Hoptman. Despite a considerable expenditure of time and resources, the pursuit of intelligence on biological warfare activities in the USSR has been unrewarding. There is no firm evidence of the existence of an offensive Soviet BW program. Some Soviet biomedical research transcends normal public health requirements, and from time to time top Soviet military officials have boasted publicly that they have the means to rebuff a U.S. attack with nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons. We know that the Soviet military establishment is concerned over U.S. BW research, and we have some insight into their organization and activities for medical defense against BW attack. But we still do not know their precise defense readiness posture or their specific logistical preparations....
Agency Page Death of a Hypothesis
Death of a Hypothesis
Agency Page The Okhrana's Female Agents: Part I: Russian Women
The Okhrana's Female Agents: Part I: Russian Women, Rita T. Kronenbitter. In a memorandum of 31 January 1911 addressed to the Police Department in Petersburg, the imperial MVD gave a description of Anna Gregoriyeva Serebryakova, the ideal of female agents: "She had completed 25 years of continuous and very useful service for Moscow Okhrana. As a secret [penetration] agent she had connections with the leaders of many subversive organizations but was not attached anywhere as a regular or active member. Her motivation for hard agent work came from her strong personal convictions. She hated sedition in all forms and performed her assignments against subversives as an idealist, having little interest in monetary remuneration ...
Agency Page The Ninja
The Ninja, W.M. Trengrouse. What cowboys have been to U.S. entertainment, the Ninja -- the stealers in -- are in contemporary Japan. But a Ninja is less like a cowboy than a dirty-dealing Superman. Originally a medieval cult of unconventional warrior-spies, as presented in the vogue now sweeping Japan from toddlers to grandparents they have the power to turn themselves into stones or toads, are as invisibly ubiquitous as gremlins, and can do things like jumping ten-foot walls and walking on water. ...
Agency Page Memorandum for the President: From Peter to Tito
Memorandum for the President: From Peter to Tito
Agency Page Nothing to Hide
Nothing to Hide, J. J. Charlevois.