9.11 Tenth Anniversary

An Agency Transformed

“This is an Agency actively involved in taking  the fight to this enemy on a variety of battlefields.  That’s the big change. That makes us very different.”

—Former D/CIA Michael V. Hayden

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NCS-Spear.jpgThe long and difficult war against al-Qa’ida and its extremist allies has, of necessity, reshaped our Agency. We are even more agile, adaptive, and collaborative. But, as always, our people are at the heart of our successes. Given the sheer scope and intensity of the security challenges our country faces overseas, and the decisive role intelligence plays in meeting them, we represent a capability the United States needs more than ever.

Many of the changes within CIA—starting with agility—are not confined to  a single Directorate or issue. More than half our workforce has been hired since 9/11. We are a more diverse Agency, having recruited exceptional talent, including first-generation Americans, from communities across our country. We have  significantly increased our foreign language capabilities.

Closer communication and integration—internally among our Directorates  and externally with our Intelligence Community, military, and other partners—has been key to our successes. Our relationship with Congress is strong.  Our accountability to the American people is real. Our analysts reach out  to external experts. Our public website conveys the mission and values of CIA.

“We’ve been running at a sprinter’s speed for a marathoner’s distance for the last 10 years and that’s not going to stop.” —DD/CIA Michael J. Morell

Each Agency Directorate—The National Clandestine Service, Directorate of Intelligence, Directorate of Science & Technology, and Directorate of Support—met the demands imposed by the attacks of September 11th. Innovation,  dedication, and courage have been defining traits.

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Posted: Sep 14, 2011 11:11 AM
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