Central Intelligence Agency Brochure

Directorate of Intelligence


The DI analyzes all sources of information to produce timely, accurate, and relevant intelligence that helps the President and others charged with protecting America and advancing US interests make informed decisions. DI analysts use substantive expertise and a variety of sources and methods, including reports from spies, satellite photography, open source information, and sophisticated sensors, to overcome fragmentary reporting and our adversaries’ efforts to deceive and deny information. In addition, the DI employs structured analytic approaches to ensure DI analysis is rigorous, clear, free from bias, and explicit about information gaps that could change our analytic judgments.

The DI’s flagship product is a classified daily electronic publication, the World Intelligence Review (WIRe). Provided to senior policy and security officials, the WIRe updates readers on current developments and identifies trends and developments overseas that have the potential to affect US interests. The DI is also the largest contributor to the President’s Daily Brief (PDB), an Intelligence Community product under the direction of the Director of National Intelligence. The PDB addresses the national security issues of interest to the President and is given only to the President, Vice President, and to those cabinet-level officials the President designates are recipients.

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Posted: Apr 29, 2013 01:00 PM
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