Memorial Wall Publication


“We at CIA remember our heroes—the men and women commemorated by stars on our Memorial Wall. Each of them, in their own way and own time, strengthened America and helped spread freedom across the globe.”

—Director Leon E. Panetta
June 2009

Panetta at Memorial Wall_mini
Director and Mrs. Panetta at the June 2009 Memorial Service.
The men and women of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) work around the clock and around the globe to make the United States more secure. We put Country first and Agency before self. We are dedicated to the mission; we take the necessary risks to obtain the information our country needs to protect itself in a dangerous world.

It is important to reflect on how few stars appear on the CIA Memorial Wall, given the role the Agency plays as the nation’s forward line of defense. We accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go. Our officers are frequently first on the ground in areas of unrest, often without the benefit of additional support, always in harm’s way.

Memorial Wall 102 Stars_mini
The Memorial Wall today. The artist’s concept emphasizes the unity of the stars on the Wall. They stand as a field. No individual star belongs to a particular honoree.
The men and women of CIA do their work with no expectation of recognition, knowing that if they make the ultimate sacrifice, the details of their efforts are likely to be known to just a very few.

We honor those Agency officers who have come before us.


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Posted: Jul 27, 2010 07:22 AM
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