Devotion to Duty


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This scorched and tattered flag, recovered from the debris of Ground Zero, hangs in the Office of the Director of CIA. It is a constant reminder of the strength and durability of the nation we serve.
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Challenging Afghanistan terrain.
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Afghan soldiers.
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Afghanistan terrain.
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NALT’s sleeping conditions.
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World Trade Center, New York City, September 11 2001.
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The Pentagon after attack.
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Shanksville, PA crash site of flight 93.
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Repairing the Pentagon.
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Command Center.
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Challenging Afghanistan terrain.
Agency ImageDCP-0185-mini.jpg
Challenging Afghanistan terrain.
Agency ImageMAZAR-MUJ-ESCORT-mini.jpg
Afghan fighters.
Agency ImagePortrait-of-a-camel-mini.jpg
Local transport in Afghanistan.
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View of Afghanistan mountain range from Mi-17 helicopter.
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Road conditions in Afghanistan.
Agency ImageBig-Sky-mini.jpg
Afghanistan landscape.
Agency ImageHDR-people-mini.jpg
Food supplies from the U.S. Government.
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Agency Imagecampdavid-mini.jpg
Post-9/11 meeting at Camp David – President George W. Bush, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, Chief of Staff Andrew Card, DCI George Tenet.
Agency ImageHelicopter-mini.jpg
Mi-17 helicopter in Afghanistan.
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Mine probing tool and explosives.
Agency ImageMine-Probing-Tool-mini.jpg
Member of CIA Explosives Ordnance Team using mine probing tool to find dozens of mines, artillery shells and other explosive devices.
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Loading equipment onto C-17 transport plane for shipment.
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Loading supplies.
Agency ImageHelicopter-tail-mini.jpg
Mi-17 helicopter used by NALT.
Agency ImageDscn2633-mini.jpg
Unearthed mines, artillery shells, and other explosive devices.
Agency ImageDSHK-AND-SOFLAM-mini.jpg
Setting up AN/PEQ-1A SOF laser marker used to identify enemy targets and direct precise delivery of laser-guided ordnance.
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Afghanistan landscape.
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