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New Headquarters Building (NHB)


New Headquarters Building Lobby | New Headquarters Building Atrium


New Headquarters Building (NHB)In the early 1980s, decades after the construction of OHB, the Agency’s need for additional office space was clear. NHB was designed to expand OHB while blending seamlessly with its structure and design. The two six-story office towers, sky-lit lobby, and glass-walled atrium were completed in March 1991.


 The Day the Wall Came Down

New Headquarters Building Lobby

The NHB Lobby hosts a collection of sculptures that represent core values to motivate, guide, and inspire the CIA workforce. The collection includes: The Day the Wall Came Down (left), Veryl Goodnight’s horses breaking through the rubble of the Berlin Wall to freedom.Windwalker

Windwalker (right), Kitty Cantrell’s eagle symbolizing American patriotism.


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New Headquarters Building Atrium

NHB AtriumSuspended from the ceiling of NHB’s glass-enclosed atrium are one-sixth-scale models of the U-2, A-12, and D-21 photoreconnaissance aircraft. CIA developed the U-2 to collect imagery of the former Soviet Union, and it remains in operation today. The supersonic A-12, built by CIA to replace the U-2, holds speed and altitude records unbroken to this day. The D-21 drone extended the A-12’s capabilities into high-threat areas.


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