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Defense Intelligence Journal The Defense Intelligence Journal is published semiannually by the Joint Military Intelligence College Foundation in support of the Joint Military Intelligence College (JMIC). The Foundation publishes the Journal to assist the College in preparing government employees for senior positions in the national security structure by maintaining a comprehensive and broad program of instruction as well as assisting in the career development of all US military and civilian intelligence personnel.

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Defense Intelligence Journal
Volume 9 Number 1 Winter 2000

President’s Column 1
A. Denis Clift
President, Joint Military Intelligence College

From the Editor 3
William H. J. Manthorpe, Jr.

"Information Control is Dead. What’s Next?" 5
The Knowledge Management Challenge for the Intelligence Community in the 21st Century.
William N. Nolte

Knowledge Management and the Intelligence Community 15
Clinton C. Brooks

In-Q-Tel: A New Partnership 25
Between the CIA and the Private Sector
Rick E. Yannuzzi

A Military Intelligence Knowledge Base 39
and Knowledge Management: Cultural Factors
Dennis M. Nagy

Intelligence Community Information Technology: 57
Driving Architecture to Budget
Dennis N. Dubois

Decision Superiority and Intelligence 67
Jerry O. Tuttle

"… Two If by Sea and Three If by Cyberspace…." 73
A Denis Clift


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