Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign GovernmentChiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
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In December 2015, the UN brokered an agreement to create Libya's Government of National Accord as a step toward ending the political stalemate and unifying Libya. Libya's House of Representatives legislature, based in eastern Libya, has not yet voted to approve the new government's cabinet. Below are the Government of National Accord chief of state and select acting members of the government.
  • Prime Min.
    Fayiz al-SARAJ
  • Dep. Prime Min.
    Ahmed HAMZA
  • Dep. Prime Min.
    Abdel Salam KAJMAN
  • Dep. Prime Min.
    Musa al-KONI
  • Dep. Prime Min.
    Ahmad MAITIQ
  • Dep. Prime Min.
    Fathi al-MAJBARI
  • Dep. Prime Min.
    Ali Faraj al-QATRANI
  • Senior Min.
    Muhammad al-AMARI
  • Senior Min.
    Omar al-ASWAD
  • Min. of Defense
    Mahdi al-BARGHATHI , Col.
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation
    Muhammad al-Tahir Hammuda SIALA
  • Min. of Interior
    Fathi BASHAGHA
  • Charge d'Affaires, Embassy, Washington