Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign GovernmentChiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members
Last Updated: 4 Mar 2015
  • Pres. Dilma ROUSSEFF
  • Vice Pres. Michel Miguel Elias TEMER Lulia
  • Chief of the Civilian Household of the Presidency Aloizio MERCADANTE Oliva
  • Sec. Gen. of the Presidency Miguel ROSSETTO
  • Min. of Agrarian Development Patrus ANANIAS
  • Min. of Agriculture, Livestock, & Supply Katia ABREU
  • Min. of Cities Gilberto KASSAB
  • Min. of Communications Ricardo BERZOINI
  • Min. of Culture Juca FERREIRA
  • Min. of Defense Jaques WAGNER
  • Min. of Development, Industry, & Trade Armando MONTEIRO
  • Min. of Education Cid GOMES
  • Min. of the Environment Izabella TEIXEIRA
  • Min. of Finance Joaquim LEVY
  • Min. of Fishing & Aquaculture Helder BARBALHO
  • Min. of Foreign Relations Mauro Luiz Iecker VIEIRA
  • Min. of Health Arthur CHIORO
  • Min. of Justice Jose Eduardo Martins CARDOZO
  • Min. of Labor & Employment Manoel DIAS
  • Min. of Mines & Energy Eduardo BRAGA
  • Min. of National Integration Gilberto Magalhaes OCCHI
  • Min. of Planning, Budget, & Management Nelson BARBOSA
  • Min. of Science, Technology, & Innovation Jose Aldo REBELO Figueiredo
  • Min. of Social Development & Hunger Alleviation Tereza CAMPELLO
  • Min. of Social Security Carlos GABAS
  • Min. of Sports George HILTON
  • Min. of Tourism Vinicius Nobre LAGES
  • Min. of Transportation Antonio Carlos RODRIGUES
  • Head, Office of the Inspectorate Gen. Valdir SIMAO
  • Head, Office of Institutional Security Jose ELITO Carvalho Siqueira
  • Head, Office of the Solicitor Gen. Luis Inacio Lucena ADAMS
  • Head, Secretariat of Civil Aviation Eliseu PADILHA
  • Head, Secretariat of Institutional Relations Pepe VARGAS
  • Head, Secretariat of Micro- and Small Enterprises Guilherme AFIF DOMINGOS
  • Head, Secretariat for Social Communication Thomas TRAUMANN
  • Head, Secretariat of Strategic Affairs Marcelo CORTES NERI
  • Head, Special Secretariat for Human Rights Ideli SALVATTI
  • Head, Special Secretariat of Ports Edinho ARAUJO
  • Head, Special Secretariat for Promotion of Racial EqualityNilma LINO GOMES
  • Head, Special Secretariat for Women's Rights Eleonora MENICUCCI de Oliveira
  • Pres., Central Bank Alexandre Antonio TOMBINI
  • Ambassador to the US  
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Antonio de Aguiar PATRIOTA