Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign Government
Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members
Last Updated: 17 Sep 2013
  • Pres. Idriss DEBY Itno
  • Prime Min. Emmanuel NADINGAR
  • Min. of Agriculture Albert Pahimi PADACKE
  • Min. of Civil Service, Labor, & Employment Abdoulaye ABAKAR
  • Min. of Commerce & Industry Youssouf ABASSALLAH
  • Min. of Communications & Spokesperson for the Govt. Kedallah YOUNOUS
  • Min. of Culture, Youth, & Sports Djibert YOUNOUS
  • Min. of Defense BICHARA Issa Djadallah
  • Min. of Economy & Urban Planning Mahamat Ali HASSAN
  • Min. of Environment & Fisheries Terap Kabak HASSAN
  • Min. of Finance & Budget Gata NGOULOU
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs, African Integration, & Intl. Cooperation Moussa FAKI Mahamat
  • Min. of Good Governance & Public Stabilization Ahmadaye Al-HASSAN
  • Min. of Higher Learning, Scientific Research, & Professional Training Ahmat TABOYE
  • Min. of Infrastructure Adoum YOUNOUSMI
  • Min. of Interior & Public Security Ahmat Mahamat BACHIR
  • Min. of Justice M'Bailou Naimbaye LOSSIMIAN
  • Min. of Livestock & Animal Husbandry Ahmat Rakhis MANANI
  • Min. of Mines & Energy Hassan SALINE
  • Min. of National Education Abderahim Younous ALI
  • Min. of Petroleum Mahamat Nasser HASSANE
  • Min. of Postal Service, New Technology, & Communications Jean Bawoyeu ALINGUE
  • Min. of Public Health Toufta BOGUENA
  • Min. of Social Action, Solidarity, & Family Ngarmbatina Carmel SOU IV
  • Min. of Territorial Development  
  • Min. of Tourism Development Mahamat Allahou TAHER
  • Min. of Urban Planning & Housing Djimrangar DADNADJI
  • Min. of Water Ahmat Mahamat KARAMBAL
  • Min. in Charge of Auditing Govt. Depts. Mahamat Bechir OKORMI
  • Min. in Charge of Decentralization Hamid Mahamat DAHALOB
  • Min. in Charge of Human Rights Abderaman DJASNABAILLE
  • Min. in Charge of Microfinance & Poverty Reduction Fatime TCHOMBI
  • Min. & Sec. Gen. of the Govt., in Charge of Relations With the National Assembly Assia ABBO
  • Dep. Sec. Gen. of the Govt., in Charge of Relations With the National Assembly Ousmane Moussa MAHAMAT
  • Sec. of State for Agriculture Mariam ATTAHIR
  • Sec. of State for the Economy & Urban Planning, in Charge of Microfinance & Poverty Azziza BAROUD
  • Sec. of State for Environment, in Charge of Rural Hydraulics & Livestock Tahar SOUGOUDI
  • Sec. of State for Finance, in Charge of the Budget Habiba SAHOULBA
  • Sec. of State for Foreign Relations, Intl. Cooperation, & African Integration Mahamat BECHIR Okormi
  • Sec. of State for Higher Education Yaya DJABAYE
  • Sec. of State for Infrastructure, in Charge of Transport Mahamat Mahamadou ADDY
  • Sec. of State for the Interior Bichara Issa DJADALLAH
  • Sec. of State for National Defense, in Charge of War Veterans & Victims Hassan Saleh Al Gadam AL-DJINNEDI
  • Sec. of State for National Education, in Charge of Basic Education Khadidja HASSABALLAH
  • Sec. of State for Public Health Mahadie Outhman ISSA
  • Sec. of State for Social Action Naima ABDELMOUTI
  • Sec. of State for Urban Development and Housing Raoul Laouna GONG
  • Ambassador to the US Maitine DJOUMBE
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Cherif Mahamat ZENE