Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign GovernmentChiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
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  • Pres.
    Idriss DEBY Itno , Lt. Gen.
  • Min. of Civil Aviation, Transport, & National Meteorology
    Mahamat OROZI
  • Min. of Communication & Govt. Spokesperson
    Oumar Yaya HISSEIN
  • Min. of Economy & Development Planning
  • Min. of Environment, Water, & Fisheries
    Sidick Abdelkerim HAGGAR
  • Min. of Finance & Budget
    Allali Mahamat ABAKAR
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs, African Integration, Intl. Cooperation, & the Diaspora
    Mahamat ZENE Cherif
  • Min. of Higher Education, Research, & Innovation
  • Min. of Infrastructure, Transport, & Access
    Abdramane Mouctar MAHAMAT
  • Min. of Justice & Human Rights & Keeper of the Seals
    Djimet ARABI
  • Min. of Livestock & Animal Production
    Gayang SOUARE
  • Min. of Mines, Industrial Development, Trade, & Promotion of the Private Sector
    Ahmat Mahamat BACHIR
  • Min. of National Education & Civic Promotion
    Aboubakar Assidick TCHOROMA
  • Min. of Petroleum & Energy
    Boukar MICHEL
  • Min. of Post, New Information Technology, & Communication & Govt. Spokesperson
    Ndolenodji Alixe NAIMBAYE
  • Min. of Production, Irrigation, & Agricultural Equipment
  • Min. for the Promotion of Youth, Sports, & Employment
    Mahamat Abdoulaye NASSOUR
  • Min. of Public Health
    Aziz Mahamat SALEH
  • Min. of Public Service, Labor, & Social Dialogue
    Ali Mbodou MBODOUMI
  • Min. of Territorial Admin., Public Security, & Local Governance
    Mahamat Abali SALAH
  • Min. of Territorial Planning, Urban Development, & Housing
    Achta Ahmat BREME
  • Min. of Tourism Development, Culture, & Handicrafts
    Madeleine ALINGUE
  • Min. of Vocational Training & Trades
    Ruth TEDEBE
  • Min. of Women, Childhood Protection, & National Solidarity
    Djalal Ardjoun KHALIL
  • Sec. Gen. of the Govt. Responsible for Relations With the National Assembly
    Mariam Mahamat NOUR
  • Min. of State and Min.-Counselor to the Presidency of the Republic
    Nouradine Delwa Kassire COUMAKOYE
  • Min.-Del. at the Presidency of the Republic in Charge of National Defense, War Veterans, & the Victims of War
    Daoud Yaya SOUMAINE
  • Sec. of State for the Economy & Development Planning
    Hisseine Tahir SOUGUIMI
  • Sec. of State for Finance & Budget
    Ahmed Alkhoudar Ali FADEL
  • Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs, African Integration, Intl. Cooperation, & the Diaspora
    Ndordji NAZER
  • Sec. of State for National Education & Civic Promotion
    Achta Saleh DAMANE
  • Ambassador to the US
    Ngote Gali KOUTOU
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York
    Moustapha Ali ALIFEI