Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign GovernmentChiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members
Congo, Republic of the
Last Updated: 28 Oct 2015
  • Pres. Denis SASSOU-Nguesso
  • Min. of State Rodolphe ADADA
  • Min. of State Isidore MVOUBA
  • Min. of State & Guardian of the Seal Aime Emmanuel YOKA
  • Min. at the Presidency in Charge of National Defense Charles MONDJO
  • Min. at the Presidency in Charge of Special Economic ZonesMartin Parfait Aime COUSSOUD-MAVOUNGOU
  • Min. at the Presidency for Territorial Management & Del.-Gen. for Major Public WorksJean-Jacques BOUYA
  • Min. of Agriculture & Livestock Rigobert MABOUNDOU
  • Min. of Civic Education & Youth Anatole Collinet MAKOSSO
  • Min. of Civil Service & State Reformation Guy Brice Parfait KOLELAS
  • Min. of Commerce, Consumption, & Supplies Euloge Landry KOLELAS
  • Min. of Communications & Media, in Charge of Relations With Parliament & Govt. SpokespersonThierry MOUNGALLA
  • Min. of Construction, Urban Planning, & Housing Claude Alphonse NSILOU
  • Min. of Cooperation, Humanitarian Action, & Solidarity Charles Zacharie BOWAO
  • Min. of Culture & Arts Bienvenu OKIEMY
  • Min. of Energy & Water Henri OSSEBI
  • Min. of Equipment & Public Works Emile OUOSSO
  • Min. of Finance, Budget, & Public Portfolio Gilbert ONDONGO
  • Min. of Fishing & Aquaculture Bernard TCHIBAMBELELA
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs & Intl. Cooperation Jean-Claude GAKOSSO
  • Min. of Forest Economy & Sustainable Development Henri DJOMBO
  • Min. of Health & Population Francois IBOVI
  • Min. of Hydrocarbons Jean-Marc THYSTERE TCHICAYA
  • Min. of Industrial Development & Private-Sector PromotionIsidore MVOUBA
  • Min. of Interior & Decentrialization Raymond Zephirin MBOULOU
  • Min. of Justice, Human Rights, & State Reform Aime Emmanuel YOKA
  • Min. of Labor & Social Security Florent NTSIBA
  • Min. of Land Titles & Public Domain Pierre MABIALA
  • Min. of Mines & Geology Pierre OBA
  • Min. of Planning & Integration M. Leon Raphael MOKOKO
  • Min. of Posts & Telecommunications M. Hellot Matson MAMPOUYA
  • Min. of Primary & Secondary Education, Youth & Civic EducationAnatole Collinet MAKOSSO
  • Min. of Public Service Gilbert MOKOKI
  • Min. of Scientific Research & Technical Innovation Bruno Jean Richard ITOUA
  • Min. of Small & Medium-Size Enterprises & Handicrafts Adelaide MOUGANY
  • Min. of Social Affairs, Humanitarian Action, & SolidarityEmilienne RAOUL
  • Min. of Sports & Physical Education Leon-Alfred OPIMBAT
  • Min. of Technical, Professional, & Vocational EducationSerge Blaise ZONIABA
  • Min. of Tertiary Education Georges MOYEN
  • Min. of Tourism Industries & Environment Josue-Rodrigue NGOUONIMBA
  • Min. of Transportation & Civil Aviation Rodolphe ADADA
  • Min. for the Promotion of Women & the Integration of Women in DevelopmentCatherine EMBONDZA
  • Min.-Del. for Maritime Commerce, attached to the Min. of Transport, Civil Aviation, & Maritime ShippingMartin Parfait Aimi COUSSOUD MAVOUNGOU
  • Ambassador to the US Serge MOMBOULI
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Raymond Serge BALE