Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign GovernmentChiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members
Central African Republic
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2015
  • Interim Pres. Catherine SAMBA-PANZA
  • Prime Min. Mahamat KAMOUN
  • Min. of Agriculture  
  • Min. of Civil Service Odile ZITONGO
  • Min. of Commerce, Industry, & Small and Medium Sized EnterprisesGertrude ZOUTA
  • Min. of Communication Bruno YAPANDE
  • Min. of Defense Marie-Noelle KOYARA
  • Min. of Economy, Planning, & Intl. Cooperation Florence LIMBIO
  • Min. of the Environment Sebastien WENEZOUI
  • Min. of Equipment & Public Works Crepin MBOLIGOUMBA
  • Min. of Finance & Budget Assane Abdallah KADRE
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs Samuel RANGBA
  • Min. of the Govt. Gen. Secretariat & Relationships With InstitutionsMarc MOKOPETE
  • Min. of Health & Population Marguerite SAMBA MALIAVO
  • Min. of Housing, Habitat, Lodging, & Public Building ReconstructionNicaise KARNOU-SAMEDI
  • Min. of Labor, Social Security, & Employment Gaston MAKOUZANGBA
  • Min. of Mining & Energy Olivier MALIBANGAR
  • Min. of National Education & Technical Training Eloi ANGUIMATE
  • Min. of National Reconciliation Florence Lydie NDOUBA
  • Min. of Posts & Telecommunications Abdallah Hassan KADRE
  • Min. of Public Security Dominique SAID-PANGUINDJI
  • Min. of Public Works, Equipment, & Territorial ManagementLaurent Clair MALEPOU
  • Min. of Social Affairs & Humanitarian Action Euguenie YARAFA
  • Min. of Territorial Admin. & Decentralization Aristide SOKAMBI
  • Min. of Tourism, Arts, Culture, & Handicrafts Romaric VOMITIADE
  • Min. of Trade, Industry, Handicrafts, & Small & Medium-Size EnterprisesGertrude ZOUTA
  • Min. of Transport & Civil Aviation Arnaud DJOUBAYE ABAZENE
  • Min. of Urbanism Jacques DEMANGA-KAMOUNE
  • Min. of Waters, Forests, Hunting, & Fishing Isabelle GAUDEUILLE
  • Min. of State in Charge of National Defense, Restructuring of the Armed Forces, Former Combatants and Victims of WarMarie Noelle KOYARA
  • Min. of State in Charge of Public Works Herbert Gontran DJONO AHABA
  • Min. of State for Justice, Keeper of the Seals, in charge of Judicial Reform and Human RightsAristide SOKAMBI
  • Governor, Regional Central Bank Alphonse KOYAMBA
  • Ambassador to the US Emmanuel TOUABOY
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Ambroisine KPONGO