Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign GovernmentChiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
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  • Pres.
    Ismail Omar GUELLEH
  • Prime Min.
    Abdoulkader Kamil MOHAMED
  • Min. of Agriculture, Livestock, & Fisheries
    Mohamed Ahmed AWALEH
  • Min. of Communication & Culture
    Ali Hassan BAHDON
  • Min. of Defense
    Hassan Darar HOUFFANEH
  • Min. of Economy, Finance, & Planning
    Ilyas Moussa DAWALEH
  • Min. of Education & Professional Training
    Djama Elmi OKIEH
  • Min. of Energy & Water
    Ali Yacoub MAHAMOUD
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs & Intl. Cooperation
    Mahamoud Ali YOUSSOUF
  • Min. of Habitat, Urban Planning, Environment, & Town Planning
    Mohamed Moussa Ibrahim BALALA
  • Min. of Health
    Kassim Issack OSMAN , Dr.
  • Min. of Infrastructure & Transport
    Moussa Ahmed HASSAN
  • Min. of Interior
    Hassan Omar Mohamed BOURHAN
  • Min. of Justice & Penal Affairs
    Ali Farah ASSOWEH
  • Min. of Labor
    Abdi Houssein AHMED
  • Min. of Muslim Affairs & Charitable Assets
    Aden Ali ADEN
  • Min. of the Promotion of Women & Family Welfare & Social Affairs
    Hasna Barkat DAOUD
  • Governor (Acting), Central Bank
    Ahmed OSMAN Ali
  • Ambassador to the US
    Mohamed Siad DOUALEH
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York
    Mohamed Siad DOUALEH