Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign GovernmentChiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Equatorial Guinea
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  • Pres.
    Teodoro OBIANG Nguema Mbasogo , Brig. Gen. (Ret.)
  • Prime Minister
    Francisco Pascual Eyegue OBAMA Asue
  • Vice President in Charge of National Defense and Security
    Teodoro "Teodorin" Nguema OBIANG Mangue
  • First Vice Pres. in Charge of Economic & Financial Affairs
    Ignacio MILAM Tang
  • Second Vice Pres. in Charge of Political & Democracy Affairs
    Teodoro "Teodorin" Nguema OBIANG Mangue
  • Prime Min. in Charge of Admin. Coordination
    Vincente Ehate TOMI
  • First Dep. Prime Min. & Head of Political Affairs & Democracy
    Clemente Engonga NGUEMA Onguene
  • Second Dep. Prime Min. in Charge of Social & Human Rights Affairs
    Andres Jorge Mbomio Nsem ABUA
  • Third Dep. Prime Min. in Charge of Human Rights
    Alfonso Nsue MOKUY
  • Min. of Agriculture
    Victor Graye MEILI
  • Min. of Civil Aviation
    Fausto Abeso FUMA
  • Min. of Commerce
    Antonio Pedro Oliveira BORUPU
  • Min. of Culture & Artisanal Promotion
    Guillermina Mekuy Mba OBONO
  • Min. of Education & Science
    Jesus Engonga NDONG
  • Min. of Economy, Planning, & Investments
    Eucario Bakale ANGUE
  • Min. of Finance & Budgets
    Miguel Engonga Obiang EYANG
  • Min. of Fisheries
    Estanislao Don MALAVO
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs & Intl. Cooperation
    Agapito Mba MOKUY
  • Min. Of Forestry & Environment
    Francisco Mba Olo BAHAMONDE
  • Min. of Health & Social Welfare
    Salomon NGUMA Owono
  • Min. of Industry & Energy
    Eugenio Edu NDONG
  • Min. of Information, Press, & Radio
    Eugenio Nze OBIANG
  • Min. of Internal Affairs & Local Corporations
    Clemente Engonga NGUEMA Onguene
  • Min. of Justice, Religious Affairs, & Penitentiary Institutions
    Evangelina Filomena Oyo EBULE
  • Min. of Labor & Social Security
    Jose Angel Borico
  • Min. of Mines, Industry, & Energy
    Gabriel Mbega Obiang LIMA
  • Min. of National Defense
    Vincente Ela OLOMO
  • Min. of National Security
    Nicolas OBAMA Nchama
  • Min. of Public Administration
    Faustino NDONG Esono Eyang
  • Min. of Public Works & Infrastructures
    Juan Nko MBULA
  • Min. of Small & Medium Business Promotion
    Hernes Ela MIFUMU
  • Min. of Social Affairs & Gender Equality
    Consuelo Ondo NZANG
  • Min. of Trade & Business Promotion
    Alfredo Mitogo Mitogo ADA
  • Min. of Transportation & Postal Services
    Celestino Bonifacio Bakale OBIANG
  • Min. of Urbanization
    Reginaldo Asu MANGUE
  • Min. of Youth & Sports
    Andres Jorge MBOMIO
  • Min. of State in Charge of Presidential Security
    Antonio Mba NGUEMA Mikue
  • Min. of State in Charge of Missions
    Alejandro EVUNA Owono Asangono
  • Min. of State in Charge of Regional Integration
    Baltasar Engonga EDJO
  • Min. of State for Finance & Budgets
    Miguel Engonga Obiang EYANG
  • Min. of State for National Defense
    Vicente Eya OLOMO
  • Min. of State for National Security
    Nicolas OBAMA Nchama
  • Min. of State in Charge of Tourism
    Tomas Mecheba FERNANDEZ Galilea
  • Min. Secretary General of the Presidency
    Baltasar Esono Eworo NFONO
  • Min. in Charge of Relations With the Parliament & Legal Affairs
    Angel MASIE Mibuy
  • Ambassador to the US
    Miguel Ntutumu EVUNA ANDEME
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York
    Anatolio NDONG MBA