Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign GovernmentChiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members
Micronesia, Federated States of
Last Updated: 11 Jun 2012
  • Pres. Emanuel "Manny" MORI
  • Vice Pres. Alik L. ALIK
  • Sec. of Education Casiano D. SHONIBER
  • Sec. of Finance & Admin. Finley S. PERMAN
  • Sec. of Foreign Affairs Lorin S. ROBERT
  • Sec. of Health & Social Affairs Vita Akapito SKILLING, Dr.
  • Sec. of Justice Maketo ROBERT
  • Sec. of Resource & Development Marion HENRY
  • Sec. of Transportation, Communication, & InfrastructureFrancis ITIMAI
  • Speaker of the Congress Isaac V. FIGIR
  • Ambassador to the US Asterio R. TAKESY
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Jane J. CHIGIYAL